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Top five NHL objectives of november (1:42)Check out the top five goals from the NHL in November, including bei unreal goal from Matthew Tkachuk and two sensational scores from Connor McDavid. (1:42)

December zu sein upon us in the 2021-22 NHL season -- und with it die annual zoll of predicting i beg your pardon teams möchte make die playoffs based on their spot in the standings after ~ American Thanksgiving. There were part eye-opening performances over die past woche that created some notable changes in our power Rankings.

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Plus, no matt how a team looks deswegen far, there"s hinweisen least one player on each roster that needs zu step up; we determine one for all 32 clubs here.

How we rank: A panel des oered.org hockey commentators, analysts, reporters and editors prices teams versus one one more -- taking right into account game results, injuries und upcoming schedule -- und those outcomes are tabulated to produce die list featured here.

Note: vault ranking zum each mannschaft refers to last week"s rankings, published on Nov. 24. Points percentages are through Tuesday"s games.


Hosts linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan carry their hockey expertise und passion zum the sport, discussing ns latest nachrichten around the league and also interviewing die biggest surname both on und off ns ice. Aufführen here »


17. Pittsburgh Penguins

Previous ranking: 20Points percentage: 0.568Upcoming schedule:
SEA (Dec. 6)

Brian Dumoulin. Dumoulin had actually his season interrupted by COVID-19, choose many des his teammates. Jetzt that he zu sein back, that needs to step up. Dumoulin has actually been auch erratic punkt times bei the protective zone, und his 2 assists bei 16 gamings feels underwhelming. There"s more there that Pittsburgh requirements from one of its most important defenders.


18. New Jersey Devils

Previous ranking: 19Points percentage: 0.550Upcoming schedule:
WPG (Dec. 3), vs. OTT (Dec. 6)

Nico Hischier. How do die Devils acquire Hischier going? new Jersey"s captain scored just two goals in his zuerst 19 games, and only six des his nine gesamt points came weist even strength. Hischier"s progressed stats schutz been fine, yet logging almost 20 minutes per game should generate much more on ns scoresheet from a player von his caliber.


19. Dallas Stars

Previous ranking: 23Points percentage: 0.600Upcoming schedule: vs. CBJ (Dec. 2), vs. ARI (Dec. 6)

Tyler Seguin. Zu be fair, Seguin zu sein coming off major surgeries zu his hips. Recovering from that type of trauma zu sein difficult. Yet Dallas also wants to see its stern shine again. Seguin has actually been streaky this season in collecting 5 goals and nine points with 19 games, und he has endured a couple of multigame droughts. There"s plenty of time weil das Seguin kommen sie find his form.


20. San jose Sharks

Previous ranking: 21Points percentage: 0.568Upcoming schedule:
CBJ (Dec. 5), vs. CGY (Dec. 7)

Nick Bonino. It took Bonino 18 games to score his zuerst point von the season. He had two with 21 tilts, a strangely low total given the he is playing north of 16 minutes per game. That isn"t shooting the puck a whole last either (33 on goal for the season), and San Jose tun können use all the offense it kann get. If Bonino zu sein going to be logging decent minutes, die Sharks will need much more consistent output to match.


21. Nashville Predators

Previous ranking: 17Points percentage: 0.568Upcoming schedule: vs. BOS (Dec. 2), vs. MTL (Dec. 4),
DET (Dec. 7)

Mattias Ekholm. Ns Predators organize Ekholm kommen sie a high standard, hence ns four-year, $25 million extension he signed bei October. That deal doesn"t kick in until following season, providing Ekholm time to anfang playing like himself again. He has actually been average so far defensively, registering 13 giveaways and the worst plus-minus among Nashville blueliners (minus-six) v 21 games. And up front, Ekholm has only tossed bei three assists. Ns Predators space used to more impact.


22. Los angeles Kings

Previous ranking: 22Points percentage: 0.524Upcoming schedule: vs. CGY (Dec. 2),
ventil (Dec. 6)

Viktor Arvidsson. Arvidsson has been recognize his game as von late. Los angeles can just hope that process continues. Arvidsson wasn"t producing much (five points in his erste 11 games) and missed a couple of weeks due kommen sie COVID-19. Yet like others who have dealt through setback, Arvidsson can strive to make up zum lost time. A recent three-point big over 2 games was his best of the season, and it"s something on which kommen sie build.

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Editor"s Picks

23. Philadelphia Flyers

Previous ranking: 16Points percentage: 0.500Upcoming schedule:
NYR (Dec. 1), vs. TB (Dec. 5), vs. COL (Dec. 6)

Cam Atkinson. Momentum ist a funny thing. Atkinson arrived bei Philadelphia kommen sie score six goals in his zuerst five games. He score one goal and added three assists bei his following 15. That"s been tough on ns Flyers, who schutz been nah dran out three times bei the past month and have scored an ext than 2 goals an a video game only three zeit through that stretch. Philadelphia want Atkinson for a reason, and he has actually to nur it again.


24. Detroit Red Wings

Previous ranking: 24Points percentage: 0.543Upcoming schedule: vs. SEA (Dec. 1), vs. NYI (Dec. 4), vs. NSH (Dec. 7)

Nick Leddy. Ns Red Wings oase leaned on their young guns, yet veterans choose Leddy can pitch in more. Ns 12th-year blueliner hasn"t constantly asserted himself this season, and it has actually shown in his 7 assists und minus-seven rating v 22 games. And his overall possession numbers (currently on the wrong side des 50%) might be improved, together well. V a few adjustments, Leddy kann sein be a stabilizing pressure on Detroit"s back end.


25. Buffalo Sabres

Previous ranking: 26Points percentage: 0.432Upcoming schedule:
automobile (Dec. 4), vs. Analente (Dec. 7)

Aaron Dell. Ns Sabres yes, really miss craig Anderson. But the veteran goaltender is still week to week with bei injury, dafür the play von Dell backing up Dustin Tokarski has come under (justifiable) scrutiny. Dell zu sein 0-4-0, with in .862 save percentage und 4.56 goals-against average. Tokarski ist doing his finest filling Anderson"s shoes, however Dell isn"t helping carry ns load weist all weil das Buffalo.


26. Chicago Blackhawks

Previous ranking: 27Points percentage: 0.381Upcoming schedule:
NYI (Dec. 5), vs. NYR (Dec. 7)

Dominik Kubalik. Kubalik had actually a solid showing weil das the Blackhawks tonnage season. He ist a lang way from the now. Die winger sputtered ~ a decent start, grabbing just three assists v 12 games in November and collecting just seven on the season. Chicago has looked better recently, yet Kubalik is blieb hanging back.


27. Vancouver Canucks

Previous ranking: 28Points percentage: 0.348Upcoming schedule:
OTT (Dec. 1), vs. PIT (Dec. 4), vs. La (Dec. 6)

Elias Pettersson. Pettersson has confronted his share of criticism zum a brutal start an Vancouver. Die Canucks star center generated nur four goals und 11 point out (seven top top the energie play) with 22 games. It"s been a how amazing lack of production von the swedish player, who formerly averaged about a point-per-game tempo to earn a three-year, $22 million expansion from Vancouver an October. It"s around time he lived up zu that again.


28. Seattle Kraken

Previous ranking: 29Points percentage: 0.386Upcoming schedule:
DET (Dec. 1), vs. EDM (Dec. 3), vs. PIT (Dec. 6)

Philipp Grubauer. It"s easy zu forget the Grubauer was a Vezina Trophy finalist tonnage season. That hasn"t played all over close kommen sie that level yet an Seattle. Grubauer was 6-9-1 in his erste 17 games, with an .890 save percentage und 3.03 goals-against average. His other Kraken goaltenders haven"t been great, either; but Grubauer, especially, has actually more zu give.


29. New York Islanders

Previous ranking: 25Points percentage: 0.353Upcoming schedule: vs. SJ (Dec. 2),
OTT (Dec. 7)

Mathew Barzal. Bei a stormy season zum the Islanders, Barzal hasn"t looked his best. Even if it is it"s die more defensive role with which he has been saddled or just all die changes to new York"s lineup, Barzal"s manufacturing hasn"t been there early. That tallied four goals and eight points through 17 games and was a minus-eight (worst amongst Islanders" forwards). New York has actually been one of the lowest-scoring teams in the league this season, and a rise from Barzal would certainly go a lang way.


30. Ottawa Senators

Previous ranking: 31Points percentage: 0.237Upcoming schedule: vs. Van (Dec. 1),
NJ (Dec. 6), vs. NYI (Dec. 7)

Tim Stutzle. Stutzle demands some traction. He has actually recently moved kommen sie center, and coach D.J. Smith ist clearly trying zu find die right combination des players to support Stutzle getting rückseitig to his biggest self. Through his zuerst 19 games, Stutzle was minus-10 with one goal und eight assists. It"s a last less than Ottawa was expecting out of er following a strong, 29-point rookie season.


31. Montreal Canadiens

Previous ranking: 30Points percentage: 0.292Upcoming schedule: vs. COL (Dec. 2),

Jeff Petry. It"s been a rough anfang for Petry. Montreal"s oberteil defenseman had just two assists und a minus-four rating v 24 games, and he just hasn"t to be executing hinweisen a high enough level. Perhaps it"s die lack von Petry having actually his usual partner Joel Edmundson, who is injured. Perhaps it"s Petry"s period (33) starting zu catch up zu him. His progressed stats haven"t to be glaringly awful, but Petry so isn"t the difference-maker Montreal needs.

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32. Arizona Coyotes

Previous ranking: 32Points percentage: 0.261Upcoming schedule: vs. VGK (Dec. 3),
DAL (Dec. 6)

Jakob Chychrun. Chychrun was supposed to be the best part des a bad Arizona team. He"s not. Chychrun had six points in 22 games, a minus-24 rating and a 2.8 shooting percentage. He blieb eats hoch more than 25 minutes of eis time von game zum the Coyotes, but after last season"s 18-goal breakout campaign, die expectation was for Chychrun kommen sie step it hoch further on die Coyotes" zurück end. They"re ausblüten waiting.