Acdc Shot In The Dark

AC/DC schutz returned v their zuerst new music because 2014’s rock Or Bust –this is the!verdict…

It claims alot about Angus Young’s generosity des spirit that on ns day the AC/DC launched their neu single, Shot bei The Dark, die guitarist took time kommen sie eulogise his other player Eddie ventil Halen, who passed far yesterday.

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Posting top top AC/DC’s society media account Angus authorize astatement that matches the way so many des us are feeling and outlined Eddie’s uniquequalities.

“Eddie was aguitar wonder, his playing pure wizardry. To ns world von music he was aspecial gift. Zu those for us fortunate enough to oase met him, avery unique person. He pipeline abig hole in alot des hearts. To ns van Halen household my heartfelt sympathies –Angus.”

Angus is acutely aware des what ns feels like. Die passing of his brother Malcolm Young on november 18, 2017, complying with abattle v cancer und then dementia was horrifically painful and cruel. As any self-respecting AC/DC fans knows, Malcolm was deshalb their undisputed leader – die heartbeat des the band and aman that instilled technique into every aspect von what theydid.

It’s apoint the ​’DC singer Brian johnson returned kommen sie earlier this week as he discussed the recording process that has yielded die band’s 17th album, PWR/UP.

“I think everybody bei the band still felt, especially Angus, his brother, is bei everything. We’re constantly conscious des that, that he’s the town hall over, ​‘You’d better do that right. You’d much better do that AC/DC format or just not execute it hinweisen all,’” the told U.S. Radio station absent 100.5Atlanta.

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The album chin marks the return of Brian to die fold, alongside Angus, rhythm etc player Stevie Young and the valuation section of bass player cliff Williams und drummer Phil Rudd – in short: aproper ​’DCline-up.


Shot an The Dark itself has been teased earlier this week with avideo snippet shot in Holland which captures Angus an full schoolboy uniform peeling off one of his trademarked solos, while further footage shows die bonhomie that exists amongst fellow bandmembers.

The good times promised an the video are delivered bei full on the tune itself, i m sorry kicks off v asimple guitar motif and two chord punctuations before launching into afamiliar, high-rolling ​’DC stomp. The immediate impression zu sein that your sound ist stripped rückseitig rather than smothered, brendeka O’Brien’s production offering alightness des touch und clarity to theproceedings.

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Melodically, there space echoes von every aspect des the ​’DC’s career – from the bonner Scott-era standard If sie Want Blood (You’ve gott It) with to die 1990 anthem Thunderstruck. The latter ist reinforced von Brian’s knowing lyricism which, early doors, references ​‘a rolling thunder truck’.

As ever, together the gang vocals (which in reality possess afurther lightness von touch), there is atongue-in-cheek quality zu Brian’s wordplay. Ns band’s ethos von ​‘if Iscans-good, then song it’ remains resolutely intact, leading to asimple, good-humoured punchline: ​‘A shot bei the dark beats awalk in the park!’

Clocking bei at 3 minutes and five seconds, Shot in The Dark gives us with amuch-needed feel-good introduction to one of the most anticipated albums von the year. It says that bei ayear des horrific change, AC/DC remain constant und true zu themselves. How good it zu sein to have themback…