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Have countries flattened ns curve?

Countries around the world room working kommen sie “flatten die curve” von the oered.org pandemic. Flattening die curve involves reducing the number of new covid19 cases from at some point to ns next. This helps protect against healthcare systems from ending up being overwhelmed. Wie a country has under new covid-19 cases emerging heute than it did top top a previous day, that’s a authorize that the country zu sein flattening the curve.

On a trend line of total cases, a planarization curve aussehen how the sounds: flat. On die charts ~ above this page, which show new cases von day, a planarization curve will show a downward trend in the number of täglich new cases.

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This evaluation uses a 7-day relocating average zu visualize die number von new covid-19 cases and calculate the rate des change. This is calculated weil das each day von averaging ns values des that day, ns three days before, und the three next days. This technique helps prevent significant events (such together a change bei reporting methods) from skewing ns data. Die interactive charts below show the daily number of new cases weil das the most affected countries, based on die moving average von the report number of jeden tag new cases of COVID-19 and having more than 1 million inhabitants.


Johns Hopkins experts in global windy health, contagious disease, and emergency preparedness schutz been at ns forefront of the international response to COVID-19.

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This website is a resource kommen sie help advance the understanding of the virus, inform ns public, and brief policymakers in order kommen sie guide a response, enhance care, and save lives.