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We carry out ALDI speak Registration apk 1.4.3 file for fenstern (10,8,7,XP), PC, Laptop, Bluestacks, android emulator, and also other tools such as Mac, BlackBerry, Kindle, Android, ... ALDI talk Registration zu sein a complimentary Communication app, und has to be developed by MEDION AG.

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ALDI speak Registration 1.4.3 zu sein newest und latest version weil das ALDI talk Registration apk. It's easy kommen sie download und install. On this buchseite you kann find ALDI speak Registration apk detail and permissions und click download apk taste to direct download ALDI speak Registration apk.

Older versions von ALDI speak Registration apk also available v us: 1.3.3, 1.3.2, 1.3.1, 1.3.0, 1.2.1.

Please be conscious that we just share the original apk file, unmodified, safe to download and free des any virus. If over there are any problems, you re welcome let united state know.


Register your ALDI TALK sim with with ns APP. If her SIM zu sein already registered you may start the video legitimation immediately.IMPORTANT INFORMATION: reliable July first 2017 mobile telecommunication suppliers are required über law to check the identity des a user prior zu to activating any kind of prepaid SIM. Subsequently now bei identity check ist required in addition kommen sie registration. This can be done easily by video identification. Please have your valid ID ready wie man entering ns video session.

App permissions

ALDI talk Registration 1.4.3 APK requires adhering to permissions:

Allows applications to offen network sockets.

Required kommen sie be able to access ns camera device.

Allows an application zu record audio.

Allows in application to modify globalen audio settings.

Allows utilizing PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from resting or display from dimming.

Allows in application to write to external storage.

Allows in application kommen sie read from außen storage.

Allows applications kommen sie connect zu paired bluetooth devices.

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Allows in application kommen sie broadcast difficult intents.

Ratings und Reviews

Rating: 4.7/5 based on 17K+ reviews

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1 ★ terrible app! I oase tried it v a smartphone and a tablet, both with great processors und high rate wifi and it simply wouldn"t complete the identification call, same error over und over again... In the ende I gave up and had to borrow a laptop through camera zu do the over die website, because the stupid website wouldn"t allow me zu do it on no phone or tablet...

1 ★ Unable to complete ns registration procedure with a neu Galaxy A8 und high rate wifi. Tried plenty of times. Error code 0 ist not very helpful or user friendly! Btw ns web interface has ns same problem, tried various browsers top top a fully updated fenster 10 computer und a 200 Mb download / 20 Mb upload connection. Ended up doing die post-ident verification.

1 ★ Clunky, unintuitive und technically poor app. While charme entry is as gruesome together usual, die document photographing / "scanning" (why whatever that"s scanned danach must be entered manually is beyond usual sense) ist outright frustrating together the apps is unable to keep focus and light settings from front to rückseitig scan, prohibits any user corrections und is so blocking the direct activation von the flashlight together well.

3 ★ The anwendung is an extremely basic, but far better than using ns web page zum the video call and taking photos von the documents. The representative was very professional, friendly, and efficient, also offering zu speak English during the call. This experience was much better than I"ve had actually with past authentication calls.

1 ★ nearly 48 hours later, and still my sim card does notfall work. Also, after ~ using apps to register my SIM, mine phone ist damaged. Die call/media/ring volume adjustments are all blended up, und my phone möchte no longer play media with a Bluetooth speaker. Aldi, freundin owe me a working sim karte card und a neu phone. Really disappointed

1 ★ the operator zu sein very rude wie man he talks. Ich did notfall understand something when he said an German. Ich kindly asked er to repeat die same thing bei English as i didnt understand the tonnage things he said. Zu what he began literally shouting top top me von saying close your passport und show it kommen sie me! nur it without the case! I schutz asked:"Why deshalb rude? Are sie always talking zu customers prefer that?". Kommen sie what that replied:"Yes, I in always rude". ALDI talk please do sth v that! I oase no words...

4 ★ The anwendung works fine but ns operator was really unfriendly, virtually abusive. Ich hope you record die video chat zum quality regulate purposes. I"d rather go zu a einkaufen next time 보다 get in operator like this again.

5 ★ ns staff is very helpful, i used the in app video call zum sim card verification, it was very impressive. I highly recommend it. The prepaid package is reasonable however cheaper than various other brand. Free des charge zum activation.

5 ★ excellent service, quick und efficient

1 ★ This app is notfall working correctly after exciting 10 time my information it zu sein at ns time von video online activation of my simkarte card it ist not working. It is stopping top top one point and not reflecting any möglichkeit to relocate ahead.

1 ★ Didn"t work. Perhaps it"s due to the fact that I got a sticker on my id through my new address. Main stamp and everything however it doesn"t recognize the backside des my id. It just gets grounding with ns loading circle und that"s it..

5 ★ due to ns Christmas holiday, the connection on 25th December failed. Ich tried die activation again top top 08:20 am the next day. Really thing go on smoothly.

1 ★ Why do freundin need a separate anwendung to register, why can it notfall ve done v one app? so the app constantly failed kommen sie work and gave ns same error zum a long time.

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1 ★ waiting 10 times 10 minutes each zu connect, but zero customer service, deswegen i cant activate my sim

1 ★ Waste von time. It take it a week kommen sie establish the video id process did notfall work properly und had kommen sie make a long winded PostIdent proceedure.