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Rebecca Liddiard was a Canadian actress who was best known zum her role on the mystery series "Houdini & Doyle" (Fox/ITV/Global, 2016). Liddiard was born an 1991 bei London, Ontario, and always dreamt des becoming an actress. She moved kommen sie Toronto wie she was 18 zu study theatre at Ryerson University. While examining at the University, Liddiard would go ~ above film and TV acting auditions an Toronto. She nabbed herstellung first film acting role an the 2012 dramatisch "With Her," and followed the up über appearing in the brief films "Today ich Will tell Her" (2013) und "Olivia" (2013). To supplement produziert income in between acting jobs, Liddiard supported herself throughout this period von working as an office manager an Toronto ~ above a part-time basis. In 2015 Liddiard starred an the comedy web collection "MisLabelled" (Web, 2015), i m sorry ran for two seasons. In 2016 Liddiard was ausblüten picking trost whatever acting arbeit she could bei Toronto, if earning a meager life on produziert part-time office job, when she was offered the teil of Adelaide Stratton on ns mystery series "Houdini & Doyle." ns opportunity kommen sie appear as a castmember on a TV series that would simultaneously appear on networks in Canada, Britain and the blume States, would certainly prove zu be life-changing zum Liddiard. The show ran zum one season on Fox an the vereinigt States, too as extr networks in Canada and the united Kingdom, but was cancelled ~ its erste season. Undeterred, Liddiard continued landing recurring TV functions on shows like "Between" (Netflix/City, 2015-16) und "Saving Hope" (CTV/NBC, 2012-17), and on die 2017 Netflix mini-series "Alias Grace," which was based on in acclaimed Margaret Atwood novel of the same name.


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Tomatometer® Audience Score title credit kasten Office Year
No Score however 25% zum Love & respect Kylie Brennan (Character) - 2016
No Score however No Score however Mr. Bernstein Debbie Filler (Character) - 2016

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Tomatometer® Audience Score title credit transaction Year
80% 44% leave Madelyn (Character) 2019-2021
39% 60% Clarice Eva Gallows (Guest Star) 2021
No Score however 75% frankie Drake Mysteries mary Shaw (Character) 2017-2019 2021
99% 88% Alias grace Unknown (Character) 2017
70% 75% Slasher Andi (Character) 2017
86% 85% power Princess Margot (Guest Star) 2017
46% 78% Houdini & Doyle Constable Adelaide Stratton (Character) 2016

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