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ns German team von Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot stole the show an pairs free skate, pulling turn off a record-breaking high score zu leap into erste place and grab the gelb medal. Their score des 159.31 set in Olympic record zum pairs number skating.

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Wenjing Sui and Cong Han of china took silver, while Canada’s team of Meagan Duhamel und Eric Radford settled weil das the bronze. One von the gold medal favorites, Russians Evegenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, didn’t even make the podium ~ a poor cost-free skate run.

It all come down to the end with die final 4 teams, and only 5 points separating ns four. Savchenko and Massot needed a perfect run zu rebound from their disappointing short program, und pulled off what might be the best von their career. Practically flawless skating and tricks führen zu to a stunning regimen that got the crowd on their feet. Their gold medal was well-earned an the end.

In produziert fifth #WinterOlympics, Germany"s Aliona Savchenko, with Bruno Massot, earned ns highest score ever before recorded an pairs totally free skate. Https://

— NBC Olympics (
NBCOlympics) February 15, 2018

Duhamel and Radford were nach oben after the Germans. They had a run up zu their usual high standards, though a few minor technical issues cost them. With no margin for error hinweisen this level, that ultimately finished their shot weist gold, but 153.33 was blieb good enough zu get on die podium.

Despite entering ns night zuerst place, Sui and Han can not recapture ns magic des their short program. They had a rough anfang with many miscues, and the close up door stretch wasn’t quite enough to make up for it. When again, no margin for error — a 153.08 barely denied them first place.

Finally, Tarasova and Morozov capped off ns night v Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman” — an odd choice zum a gold-medal contender, kommen sie say die least. The ended nach oben being a terrible run, v a 143.25 score taking them off the podium entirely.

Odds and ends

The only American team in the finals was die Knierim couple von Alexa und Chris. Despite being die most sickeningly sweet couple at the Olympics und skating to the Ghost soundtrack on Valentine’s Day, die Knierims had actually a rather negative run und finished near die bottom des the standings.

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Keeping with die Valentine’s work theme, Annika Hocke and Ruben Blommaert von Germany supplied “Romeo und Juliet” über Abel Korzeniowski. Lock managed the weakest score in the field, however.

The Russians had actually three teams make the to ns finals. The erste one, kristina Astakhova und Alexei Rogonov, offered music from die La La festland soundtrack. Yet an additional solid choice from a team taking advantage of more options this year — this is the first Olympics whereby music v lyrics zu sein allowed. However, the music was the only highlight zum Astakhova und Rogonov, who gott a short score after ~ multiple falls und mistakes.

France’s Vanessa James und Morgan Cipres had perhaps die boldest das lied choice yet, ns Disturbed hülle of “The Sound des Silence.” your actual run was well-received regardless of a bad fall in the middle, top them to a short-lived zuerst place with a 143.19 score and 218.53 overall.

Not kommen sie be outdone, the Chinese duo of Xiaoyu Yu und Hao Zhang skated to ns Star battles soundtrack. There were a few glaring errors an their program, though, which deflated their score and knocked lock out of podium contention.

Last up was die top 4 teams, developing all the drama and tension freundin could want from Olympic figure skating.

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Here are ns full outcomes below.

Figure skating pairs last results

Rank land Athletes brief Program cost-free Skate pistole Score Rank land Athletes quick Program cost-free Skate pistole Score
1 Germany Aljona Savchenko/Bruno Massot 76.59 159.31 235.90
2 China Weinjing Sui/Can Hong 82.39 153.08 235.47
3 Canada Meagan Duhamel/Eric Radford 76.82 153.33 230.15
4 Olympic Athletes des Russia Evgenia Tarasova/Vladimir Morozov 81.68 143.25 224.93
5 France Vanessa James/Morgan Cipres 75.34 143.19 218.53
6 Italy Valentina Marchei/Ondrej Hotarek 74.50 142.09 216.59
7 Olympic Athletes des Russia Natalia Zabiiako/Alexander Enbert 74.35 138.53 212.88
8 China Xiaoyu Yu/Hao Zhang 75.58 128.52 204.10
9 Canada Julianne Seguin/Charlie Bilodeau 67.52 136.50 204.02
10 Italy Nicole Della Monica/Matteo Guarise 74.00 128.74 202.74
11 Canada Kirsten Moore-Towers/Michael Marinaro 65.68 132.43 198.11
12 Olympic Athletes von Russia Kristina Astakhova/Alexei Rogonov 70.52 123.93 194.45
13 North Korea Tae ok Ryom/Ju Sik Kim 69.40 124.23 193.63
14 Czech Republic Anna Duskova/Martin Bidar 63.25 123.08 186.33
15 United States Alexa Scimeca Knierim/Chris Knierim 65.55 120.27 185.82
16 Germany Annika Hocke/Ruben Blommaert 63.04 108.94 171.98

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