Congratulations to #antm's cycle 22 winner, nyle!

ANTM Cycle 22 where are they now - America's Next đứng đầu Model's twenty-second cycle debuted on August 5, 2015, & is the sixteenth và last season to lớn show on The CW. Who won ANTM Cycle 22? This article contains ANTM Cycle 22 where are they now listed below in detail!

ANTM Cycle 22

America's Next vị trí cao nhất Model's twenty-second cycle debuted on August 5, 2015, and is the sixteenth & last season to lớn show on The CW. The network announced the show's cancellation in mid-October, and the final episode aired on December 4, 2015.

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Cycle 22 featured both male & female participants, the same as the previous two seasons. The height restriction was lifted for the first time since cycle 13 và the tournament was mở cửa to contenders of any height. Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, và J. Alexander were re-assigned to the judging panel, but Yu Tsai remained as creative director. Vày you know who won ANTM cycle 22 where are they now? You'll find out here!

Unlike the previous three cycles, the presentation no longer included social media. The scoring system remained in place, but only the combined challenge and judges' scores were used lớn determine who would be eliminated.

Who Won ANTM Cycle 22?

The models traveled to Las Vegas for two episodes, even though there was no international destination for this season. After cycle 13, this is the second cycle in the series khổng lồ be shot entirely in the United States. Nyle DiMarco, 25, from Washington, D.C., was the competition's champion, with Mamé Adjei coming in second. DiMarco made history as the first deaf person khổng lồ win the competition.


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Who Wins Cycle 22 of ANTM?

Week after week, DiMarco produced fantastic images throughout the tournament. Lớn connect with his fellow contestants & the judges, the male model used his phone và an on-site interpreter.

However, DiMarco said that not being able to communicate with the other contenders & others around him in American Sign Language was tough.

DiMarco became the first Deaf winner of the nhảy đầm show in 2016 with his dance partner Peta Murgatroyd. DiMarco has acted in Hulu's "Difficult People," Freeform's "Switched at Birth," và Sundance TV's "This Close" in addition khổng lồ modeling.

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DiMarco, 31, is presently executive producing "Deaf U" and "Audible," two Netflix docuseries on the Deaf community in the United States. DiMarco has also recently declared himself to lớn be sexually fluid.

Cycle 22 ANTM Contestants

Here is a menu of the Cycle 22 ANTM Contestants,

Delanie Dischert21
Stefano Churchill23
Ava Capra19
Ashley Molina21
Courtney DuPerow21
Bello Sánchez26
Justin Kim23
Dustin McNeer18
Hadassah Richardson23
Devin Clark21
Mikey Heverly25
Lacey Rogers18
Mamé Adjei23
Nyle DiMarco25

ANTM Cycle 22 Where Are They Now

If you are curious who are the contestants of ANTM cycle 22 where are they now! Here's your answer,

Nyle DiMarco

DiMarco was the second male winner of ANTM, as well as the first deaf winner. The following year, he won Season 22 of dancing With the Stars. Wilhelmina Models & CESD Talent Agency both signed him. He also appears on Netflix's Deaf U & Audible.


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Mamé Adjei

Adjei, the ANTM cycle 22 runner-up, continues to model while also acting. She also started a women's blog và a beauty line.


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Lacey Rogers

Rogers relocated lớn Los Angeles after winning ANTM & was signed by Abrams Artist Agency. She is a mã sản phẩm and influencer who works with Bev as a field market manager.


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Mikey Heverly

Mikey Heverly of Cycle 22 has inked a contract with Major Models. Next mã sản phẩm Management in Miami signed him. He has appeared in various picture sessions throughout the years, including print work for British GQ, Spanish Vogue, Maxim Italy, and Glamour magazine.