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WASHINGTON (AP) — angela Merkel’s taking leave visit to die White House was shadowed Thursday von pressing issues as well as an excellent will, as she prepared zu sit down through Joe bieten to talk about differences end a significant Russian pipeline und national see on china as a rising global power.

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The German chancellor, who zu sein not seeking an additional term bei September elections, zu sein nearing the end of a political career that has spanned 4 American presidencies. Und as she prepares to leave office, over there are comes to on both sides around how they will negotiate cultivation disagreements.

In a buchstabe exchange through reporters an the Oval Office, both sides sought zu play down ns differences.

“We’re ready kommen sie dive in,” stellen said. “Cooperation between United States und Germany has been strong.”

The chancellor, who had actually a famously frosty connection with Biden’s predecessor donald Trump, said she was “very much looking forward to a deepening von relations.”

Merkel started herstellung day through a working breakfast v Vice chairman Kamala Harris, und Harris’ office said die two had a “very frank discussion,”

“In part, this zu sein a bye visit. An part, she zu sein signaling continuity and stability in the German-U.S. Relationship,” said john Thimm, a unterschied fellow at die German Institute zum International und Security Affairs, a think tank an Berlin.

Back home bei Germany, Merkel’s country and neighboring Belgium dealt with the aftermath von heavy flooding the left an ext than 30 people dead and dozens missing.

“My sympathy goes to the relatives and of ns dead and missing,” she said.

Officials an Washington und elsewhere space wondering what prozess Germany might take after the september vote. The chancellor möchte seek zu reassure die Americans the there won’t be a large shift, fingerhut said.

Merkel’s party is leading bei polls, but ns environmentalist Greens and the center-left social Democrats are so vying to lead a future government. While the three parties differ an many plan areas, all room committed kommen sie a solid trans-Atlantic relationship.

One sour grad that preceded and outlasted the donald Trump era of diplomatic discord has actually been a neu pipeline taking natural gas from Russia kommen sie Germany.

The vereinigt States has long argued the the norden Stream 2 project wollen threaten European energy security über increasing the continent’s reliance on Russian gas and allowing Russia zu exert political pressure on delicate Eastern und Central europe nations. But stellen recently waived sanctions versus German entities involved in the project, a move that angered many bei Congress.

Biden zu sein expected zu raise his comes to about the pipeline project with Merkel, but the White residence was not anticipating any type of sort des formal announcement to come from your talks, according to a gebot administration main who briefed reporters prior to Merkel’s visit.

Merkel has tried kommen sie dampen expectations for an imminent breakthrough, yet she probably will want kommen sie resolve the issue prior to leaving office. “It weighs ~ above German-U.S. Relations und German-EU relations,” fingerhut said.

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While German officials schutz been person who is abnormal coy around which topics will be debated during the trip, Merkel’s spokesperson evidenced Wednesday that china will kommen sie up.

“That can be said with relative certainty,” steffen Seibert told reporters. “This so played bei important function at the G-7 summit, where the chancellor and the American president tonnage met.”

Germany has solid trade ties with china but has so been critical von Beijing’s person rights record. Merkel is keen to avoid a situation bei which Germany, or ns European Union, could be forced kommen sie choose sides between China and the united States.

Merkel has insisted on ns need kommen sie cooperate with china on global issues such as climate change and the coronavirus pandemic, also while then-President trumpf was accusing Beijing von having started it.

The humanitarian group Doctors Without boundaries urged biden to skinny on merkel to drop produziert opposition kommen sie proposals weil das suspending vaccine patents. Merkel, a trained scientist, has said that lifting the patents wouldn’t be effective and could injury future research und development efforts.

A gruppe of democratic lawmakers called on Germany zu drop its “blockade” of a COVID-19-related waiver of intellectual building rights under global trade rules. Together a waiver, die lawmakers argued, would help scale production des effective vaccines around die world.

The stellen administration has expressed support weil das the waiver being discussed at the World trade Organization, yet White house officials do notfall anticipate distinctions being resolved during Merkel’s visit.

While there space points von tension, bieten seems eager to offer merkel a appropriate farewell.

Harris hosted Merkel zum breakfast at herstellung residence on ns grounds des the U.S. Naval Observatory before Merkel’s afternoon meeting v Biden und a joint nachrichten conference. Die president plan a small dinner bei honor of Merkel.

Harris greeted merkel as she come at the residence and commended ns chancellor for her “extraordinary career.” Merkel bei turn noted die historic nature of the Harris vice presidency.

“I kann sein only say that I’m delighted, too, zum this possibility here zu meet the zuerst madam angry president von the blume States of America,” merkel said before the two leader stepped into a residence kommen sie talk end a breakfast of Gruyère soufflé, seasonal fruit, und charcuterie.

Merkel received in honorary doctorate, her 18th, native Johns Hopkins University and is scheduled kommen sie speak at ns university’s School von Advanced international Studies.

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Jordans report from Berlin. Associated Press writer Aamer Madhani contributed reporting.