Animal Crossing Online Spielen


Nook Inc. Invites you kommen sie create her personal island paradise top top a deserted island brimming with possibility.

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Explore your island

Collect bugs, decorate her paradise throughout die day, or reap sunset on die beach when fishing in the ocean.

Create her getaway

Craft whatever from tools to creature comforts as you create and customize your island community.

Share your paradise

Show turn off your island utopia kommen sie family und friends—or verpackt your bags und visit theirs.

What are other inhabitants saying?

This place zu sein the perfect size. Too big to seen across, but too small zum a sea monster zu attack!– Alfonso
Personally? This island is definitely the best island I"ve ever seen, or heard of, or imagined, or been to.– Rosie
Who room you? What zu sein this for? ich already donated! I"m not even native here!– Gulliver

Move a single player or her entire island to an additional system

Have you thought about moving your island paradise? You can now transfer a einzel player’s resident dünn to another Nintendo switch system, or download the free Island lieferung tool kommen sie move her whole island from one system to another.

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The animal Crossing ™: neu Horizons ist available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo switch Lite systems.

Free in-game bonuses zum your island getaway

Get a download code zum themed items zu use an the animal Crossing: new Horizons game and 50 Leaf tickets to use in the animal Crossing: bag Camp cell phone game.

Learn howLearn how to get complimentary in-game bonuses.

Persistent internet access und compatible smart device required for mobile game. Dünn charges might apply.

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*Nintendo Switch online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required weil das online features. Not available bei all countries. Internet access required zum online features. Terms apply. Nintendo move Online. Opens in a new

This game does notfall support ns Save Data wolke functionality von Nintendo switch Online. However, a dienstleistungen to back-up pet Crossing: new Horizons conserve data and recover that from die server an the event of console failure, lose or theft ist available kommen sie Nintendo Switch online members. In the event des loss or damage, call Nintendo consumer Support. Opens an a new window., and a representative kann sein help you restore die island und user save säule on your new or repaired Nintendo Switch system (standard fees apply weil das non-warranty repairs).