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Hi guys, welcome on the back! Today i wanna discuss around Asus Padfone ns tablet and how that performs zum gaming. Hope sie like it. Earlier, i just showed sie one interesting tablet computer from Asus referred to as Asus Padfone x tablet – i m sorry actually nur launched a couple of months ago. That tablet kind of reminds me with ns previous-gen Asus Padfone Infinity 2 that so shares die same exact internals choose Snapdragon 800 processor, Adreno 330 GPU, 2GB des RAM, 13MP rear-facing camera and even ns same display specs. Anyway, after showing freundin that model, appropriate now ich want zu keep ns engine going von giving you another similar tablet indigenous Asus. This one ist Asus Padfone s tablet. This one actually so launched at ns same time und announcement von Asus Padfone X, however this model zu sein the real flagship model of the next-gen series.

Compared to Asus Padfone x – this Asus Padfone s tablet zu sein actually notfall a large departure native its sibling together it shares the similar type von specs like the same 5-inch smartphone, 9-inch Padfone Station, 13MP camera, 2GB of RAM, Adreno 330 GPU and some other more. However, there is one upgrade the Asus makes on Asus Padfone ns tablet. Und that zu sein its processor, which zu sein probably more powerful than die one found inside Asus Padfone ns but not significantly. Well, if you’re interested zu find out much more about this tablet, consisting of my angestellter impressions and thoughts around its gaming performance, climate here sie go, my angestellter review von Asus Padfone S.
Basically, Asus Padfone ns tablet is still on the same buchseite with all of its siblings. It’s still a smartphone – a normalerweise regular 5-inch android smartphone. Yet thanks to Asus’ brilliant idea und design concept zum this tablet series, Asus Padfone s tablet kann be docked into a tablet machine called Padfone station (similar just like inserting a removable battery inside the smartphone, which has actually a much larger 9-inch display. Und that’s not it because after gift docked right into Padfone Station, freundin can also attach this tablet into the keyboard dock, which comes packed with ns device (or offered separately? ich don’t know). So besides as a normal android smartphone, you’ll be able deshalb to rotate this smartphone into a tablet von using Padfone Station and then revolve it again into a performance device von using die keyboard dock. However, what renders Asus Padfone s tablet stand out compared kommen sie its siblings ist definitely the specs. If Asus Padfone x ships through Snapdragon 800 processor, climate Asus Padfone s tablet now zu sein packing a more powerful Snapdragon 801 processor. But interestingly, this processor is actually ns only one upgrade the Asus walk on this model, while ns remaining specs of Asus Padfone s tablet room basically just identical through its sibling.But the questions remain, with one improvement made by Asus ~ above its processor, does Asus Padfone S oase what that takes to be a far better gaming tablet than Asus Padfone X? walk this tablet computer deserve kommen sie be an iPad waiting 2 killer? ist it precious it to buy Asus Padfone s tablet, contrasted to the Asus Padfone X?Well, we’re about to find out much more about die answers of these questions hinweisen the end of this review. Dafür be sure zu stick around guys!
Compared to its new-born sibling - Asus Padfone ns -, this maker actually doesn’t look any type of different. Together a matte of fact, the Padfone Station des Asus Padfone ns really looks identical with ns Padfone Station des Asus Padfone X. However, as the ja wirklich flagship from this company, Asus Padfone ns tablet of prozess should have its own identity especially compared zu its sibling. Und that’s what specifically happens here. Also though both Asus Padfone S and Asus Padfone x look really similar (on both the smartphones and the Padfone Stations), there is one thing that makes them look various on zu another.Asus Padfone ns has much shinier metal trim anywhere its bezels, together opposed zu the viel darker gray steel trim ~ above Asus Padfone X. It’s probably because Asus wants to declare that Asus Padfone S is the ja wirklich flagship here, although the overall specs of these 2 tablets are on the same level. Anyway, as well as that metal trim, Asus Padfone S deshalb has various wallpaper 보다 Asus Padfone X. It’s probably notfall something significant, but i think this aspect should so be considered as one von the dinge that renders them look different one kommen sie another.
Back kommen sie Top4G LTE (SIM Micro-SIM)Released July 20145.0 inch Super IPS+ LCD capacitive touchscreen, 1080 x 1920 pixels, (~441 ppi)Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 Qualcomm MSM8974AB Snapdragon 801 Chipset Adreno 330 GPU 2 GB RAMAndroid OS 4.4.2 KitKat13 mp rear-facing camera with led flash2 mp front-facing camera, 1080p

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30fps (video recording)microSD memory map slot zum up zu 64 GB16 GB interior storageGPRSNFC microUSB v2.0TBC radio GPSJava MIDP emulator* Padfone station with 9 inch IPS display, 1920 ns 1200 pixels, 4990 mAh battery, front cameraNon-removable Li-Po 2300 mAh batteryStand-by: Up kommen sie 528 hrs (3G) speak time: Up zu 22 hours (3G)
As ns real and latest flagship in this series, it’s really apparent that Asus Padfone ns should have the best und highest-grade specs especially compared zu its sibling und predecessors. Und that’s exactly die thing the you’re gonna obtain it here. Asus Padfone S is now powered von a more powerful Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, as opposed to the Snapdragon 800 processor discovered inside Asus Padfone S and its precursors Asus Padfone Infinity. Wie man it comes kommen sie performance, their distinction on this sector ist probably notfall really remarkable significant. They are ausblüten equally great and powerful even when handling the most graphically demanding games on ns market today. However, provided that Asus Padfone S ist now powered von the latest und greatest Snapdragon 801 processor, its all at once performance zu sein definitely viel faster and smoother, plus much more efficient wie it comes kommen sie battery life. Ns rest of the specs ~ above Asus Padfone s are actually notfall huge departure from ns predecessors. Together a matt of fact, this tablet shares almost identical hardware specs nur like its sibling - Asus Padfone X. The has ns same 5-inch display screen on the smartphone (1920x1080 pixels), the same 9-inch Padfone terminal (1920x1200 pixels), die same 13MP rear-facing camera with led flash, 2MP front-facing camera, ns same 2300mAh battery (smartphone) und 4990mAh battery (Padfone Station) and pretty much everything about these 2 devices zu sein really similar. It’s also powered von the exact same Adreno 330 GPU und 2GB of RAM, although their processors are various (Snapdragon 801 on Asus Padfone S, if Snapdragon 800 is on ns Asus Padfone X). So basically, die only point that is different native both von these devices zu sein only their processors, and of prozess the design as well.But ich think, both gadgets are nur equally great bei many ways. Deshalb it’s probably notfall really precious it kommen sie upgrade kommen sie Asus Padfone s if you already own the Asus Padfone X.
Similar just like Asus Padfone X, this tablet deshalb shares die same specific 5-inch screen sporting ns 1920x1080 pixel resolution on die smartphone. That goes die same with ns Padfone Station des Asus Padfone S. It deshalb adopts ns same 9-inch display screen with 1920x1200 pixel resolution. Und they both also use die same super IPS+ LCD screen on them. Deswegen when the comes to quality und sharpness, both Asus Padfone S und Asus Padfone x are equally in those terms. Through this type von display, basically whatever that freundin throw on die screen möchte look insanely sharp und crisp even bei far distance (without pinch-to-zoom gesture). Deshalb it will look great and sharp for reading books, watching HD movies, browsing ns web, modifying documents and even playing games. And the good thing is, this tablet zu sein powered von Snapdragon 801 processor, which ist more 보다 happier to execute all von the pixels des this an equipment with no lag and issue whatsoever.
Asus Padfone s comes through Asus’ homemade UI that brings a lot of design changes und looks indigenous the grundlegend stock android UI. So it looks really different contrasted to die stock android UI. The great thing is, also with the fully-customized android UI v lots of new features, Asus Padfone s is ausblüten blazing fast und smooth because its overall performance is now taken care von the recent Snapdragon 801 processor, which is more powerful but efficient wie man it comes to battery life. So you should schutz no worry punkt all around its performance due to the fact that this tablet will ausblüten perform well and smooth even wie man doing some hefty intense tasks at the same time, thanks to a large 2GB des RAM the comes ~ above board v Asus Padfone S.
Back to TopBasically, this tablet computer should oase no problem with lag or stutter especially wie doing some täglich tasks prefer watching HD movies, analysis books/magazines, browsing die web, editing documents or even playing games. Even with that full HD screen on both smartphone and Padfone Station, the Snapdragon 801 processor zu sein more 보다 adequate to execute castle all in buttery smooth performance and without squeezing a lot of stärke from that is battery. The goes the same wie playing gamings with this device. Any games that you lakers today on google Play keep – even the most graphics intense titles like contemporary Combat 5, plastikstrohhalme 8: Airborne or GTA San andreas – tun können all be play perfectly and smoothly top top Asus Padfone s with no legen whatsoever, even in full highest graphics setting. One von the jene that makes the gaming endure on this tablet computer better ist definitely its entwurf concept. Asus Padfone s tablet consists bei 2 different tools – die 5-inch smartphone und the 9-inch Padfone terminal -, i beg your pardon you kann sein attach/detach whenever sie want.So if you’re an the mood des playing gamings with the small screen, you kann just play the games directly away on ns 5-inch smartphone of Asus Padfone S. On ns other hand, if sie feel the playing games on 5-inch smartphone is not satisfying enough, you tun können just seebrücke this smartphone into ns Padfone Station and play her favorite games on a viel larger screen echt estate.
Just prefer Asus Padfone X, this tablet computer is deshalb powered von the exact same 2300mAh battery on the smartphone and 4990mAh battery ~ above Padfone Station. The most impressive thing is, according to ns GSMarena, v that battery capacities, Asus Padfone s tablet zu sein believed can survive in 528 hours zum stand von mode and 22 hours zum talk time (multimedia), which is higher than die battery life von its sibling - Asus Padfone X. I glauben this has something kommen sie do with the Snapdragon 801 processor within this Asus Padfone s tablet that’s capable zu perform viel faster than ns Snapdragon 800 on Asus Padfone X, but much more efficient bei battery life. But des course, the battery life kann be differed if you’re using ns smartphone und Padfone terminal randomly. I mean, if you’re going zu use the smartphone only without Padfone Station bei one solid day, the battery life zu sein probably not gonna last that lang especially wie doing some hefty intense tasks intensively or there is no resting die screen hinweisen all. Dafür it"s recommended to always gift the smartphone into the Padfone station if you want zu achieve in all-day-long battery top top this device.

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So bei conclusion, ich thing it’s quite easy zu recommend this device kommen sie you, particularly if you schutz huge budget plan (the most importantly) and you’re looking specifically for a unique smartphone that kann be docked right into a tablet device. Asus Padfone s tablet zu sein definitely a perfect choice weil das you. But of course, as a unique und probably ground break device, Asus Padfone ns tablet ist gonna cost you a lot of cash if you’re indeed planning kommen sie buy it near time soon, even an ext expensive than iPad Air. However that’s not shocking provided that Asus Padfone S zu sein not just unique in design and offers an ext benefits than nur a smartphone, however it’s deshalb equipped v some beefy specs on it, like:Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, 2GB des RAM, Adreno 330 GPU, 13MP rear-camera, 1080p display and many other great things. And this ist just not something you kann get from other tablets on die market appropriate now, even the iPad waiting or iphone 6.Asus Padfone S is pretty much great zum a lot of things, favor watching movies, reading books/magazines, browsing ns web, editing documents, listening zu music, discovering photos, taking an excellent pictures/videos and even play games. Asus Padfone S ist just a solid well-rounded device that supplies a gewächs of benefits than nur a normalerweise regular smartphone or a continual tablet. Its design concept und hybrid ability really nur us just how Asus Padfone S kann sein be in ideal tablet for many consumers bei general.Anyway, to ende this review, i’ll try zu answer some of the questions i’ve previously asked above: walk Asus Padfone S oase what that takes to be a much better gaming tablet computer than Asus Padfone X?
Yes - Asus Padfone s has every the stärke to be a better gaming tablet computer than the sibling. Not only is this an equipment more powerful bei handling games, but it’s deshalb more efficient in battery life – as shown in battery life comparison bolzen these 2 devices. Does this tablet computer deserve kommen sie be an iPad air 2 killer? correctly – Asus Padfone ns has every reason kommen sie blow iPad wait 2 out des the water. Not only zu sein Asus Padfone s really great as a smartphone or tablet, however it provides something the cannot be uncovered on Apple’s tablet. Und that zu sein its mischung capability. Is it precious it kommen sie buy Asus Padfone S, contrasted to the Asus Padfone X? No – in spite of having a an ext powerful but much more efficient Snapdragon 801 processor, ich think it’s notfall really worth it kommen sie upgrade zu Asus Padfone ns if you already very own Asus Padfone X. Und that’s because both gadgets are really identical an spec sheet, with the exception of their processors of course.