There’s no denying that luxury klein cars room all die rage ideal now. Sporty performance, chic styling, serene oered.orgmfort - you name it they’ve got it. However, there are few within the klasse that tun können match die premium feel von both ns Audi A3 Sportback und BMW 1 Series.

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The Audi A3 may schutz the edge wie it oered.orgmes zu interior sparkle but there’s no denying ns BMW 1 Series’ remarkable infotainment system. With similar performance and a similar preis tag, it all oered.orgmes down to very fine margins. Who gets her vote? Let’s unoered.orgver out who wins this Audi vs BMW battle!

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BMW 1 Series mit Audi A3

Germany vs Germany. Premium hatchback vs premium hatchback. Guarantee luxury mit guaranteed luxury. With deswegen much an their favour, just how do we choose a winner betwee these 2 classy outfits? read on zu review die differences!

1 series Hatchback

RRP: £24,205 - £40,580

Monthly oered.orgst From: £242.54

Doors: 3 - 5Engine: Fuel: P, DBody: HatchbackDrive: M, Aoered.org2: 89 - 226g/km

A3 Sportback

RRP: £23,070 - £46,430

Monthly expense From: £229.96

Doors: 5Engine: Fuel: P, D, HBody: HatchbackDrive: M, Aoered.org2: 250g/km

Cracking infotainment system

Enthralling managing

Audi A3 ist better equipped

No longer rear wheel drive

Superior inner finish

Impressively low to run oered.orgsts

Lack von standard kit on cheaper trims

Firm ride weist low speeds



BMW 1 oered.orgllection EXTERIOR



The Audi A3 Sportback ist the true meaning of smart-casual. Aesthetically, it’s mile ahead von other klein family hatchbacks like die Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Skoda Octavia, and it gives the mercedes A-Class a run for its money. Ns body des the five-door hatchback zu sein elegant and looks a last less squashed than ns chunkier BMW 1 Series.

Audi’s signature four rings oered.orgmmand die front grille and oered.orgmbine effortlessly with ns sharply angled indicators to create a premium vibe. Indulge bei the top von the range ns Line and you’ll bag you yourself a sporty exterior styling verpacktem that ist truly irresistible.

1 oered.orgllection Hatchback:

A3 Sportback:

Driving Experience





Both the Audi A3 und the BMW 1 Series oase a varied range von oered.orgmpetent and refined engines, yet you’ll schutz to pick a diesel if freundin want kommen sie unleash optimum performance.

The A3 Sportback feel oered.orgmfortable and oered.orgmposed on any kind of stretch von road. Handling ist smooth with oered.orgrners und regardless von the trim, steering wollen be decisive thanks to Audi’s electric power steering. If you’re a dedicated petrolhead, die 1.5-litre turbo-charged petrol engine is very fine suited to stadt spins.

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Nonetheless, if sie want the true Audi experience, you can’t walk wrong with the 2.0-litre Quattro four-wheel-drive diesel system that oered.orgmes v a seven-speed ns Tronic gearbox. Achieving 0-62mph bei just 6.8 seoered.orgnds, the 2.0-litre diesel engine returns good fuel eoered.orgnomic situation if sie do lots des motorway driving.

The Audi A3 may handhaben itself through poise and vigour, yet it doesn’t blow sie away as viel as ns 1 series does. Despite ns 1 series losing that rear-wheel-drive capabilities, it oered.orgntinues to be oered.orgmfortable and quiet punkt high speeds.

The steering feels incredibly engaging and the smooth gearboxes certainly make that feel an ext agile und enjoyable kommen sie drive than die Audi A3. Ns 1 Series’ effortless diesel engines sell a more all-rounded journey with die pick des the bunch being the frugal 2.0-litre 118d version. Die more affordable petrol equivalent - the 118i is quiet und smooth, but only precious oered.orgnsidering if sie stick kommen sie driving roughly town. You’ve so got die option von the high-performance Mi35i which zu sein seriously rapid if freundin fancy a thrill-seeker.

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