Audi’s super competent A6 Allroad might look like in estate, however it has a dirty secret. It’s actually in SUV an disguise


Price: £46,505Top speed: 139mph0-62mph: 7.5 secondsMPG: 50.4CO2: 159g/km

It was 1am when we rolling off die M6 and into the dienstleistungen at Charnock Richard in Lancashire. We were heading north but had run out of juice – both us und the car – and £40 weil das a double an the job Inn sounded if not romantic, climate functional punkt least. However my wife was worried it was a herberge not a hotel, and that as such we’d “be murdered, like bei America!” us headed to die check-in where the night manager looked favor a young, blond Schwarzenegger. Following to him a trucker FaceTimed his wife, who then placed their parrot on the screen zum a goodnight kiss… the felt like we’d come on the set des Twin Peaks.

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By dawn, ns nocturnal weirdness had actually lifted und under a low winter sun we cracked on hoch to the blissful open roads des Dumfries in the for sure embrace von Audi’s new A6 Allroad. As a auto it ist the diametric opposite of a david Lynch series. There are no unnerving moments, no unanticipated twists, no surprise endings. This isn’t edge of the chair driving: it’s back of the sofa under a duvet with a mug des Ovaltine driving. The big, comfortable and so incredibly dependable. It can be a dad figure zu you, if you happen zu be missing one.


Inside story: ns technical cockpit des the new Audi A6 AllroadIt deshalb hopes kommen sie be every auto you’ll ever need. That a large estate the has ns on-road smoothness des a premium saloon, but also the off-road roughness von a no-nonsense SUV. Over a lang weekend ich covered an ext than 1,000 miles in it – many von them v its perspicacious cruise manage holding ns fort. Throughout one stretch ich must oase driven hinweisen least two hours without emotional either ns throttle or brake.

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One reason it drives dafür well is the air suspension, i m sorry raises und lowers zu suit conditions. This makes die A6 much nimbler 보다 a car von its size has any type of right zu be. The fact the it has actually lost 20% des its all at once weight contrasted to the outgoing model deshalb helps. This means the model ich drove, i m sorry featured a 201bhp 3-litre engine, was blieb able to reach 62mph bei 7.5 seconds and do just over 50 mile to die gallon. Audi insurance claims these space best-in-class running costs.

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The Allroad used to look fairly beefy, with lumpy plastic wheel arches and huge bumpers. Jetzt it aussehen a last sleeker. Zu my eye that’s in improvement, but the horsey set might rotate their noses nach oben at it – the equestrian market ist key zum this model. Horse-mad or not, everyone will appreciate die huge boot und luxurious interior. Safety and security tech and driver aids are, as sie would suppose from Audi, well up to snuff. Die Allroad is in SUV zum people who don’t want to look choose they’re driving in SUV. Maybe it ist a surprised package after all.