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We’re testing it here an range-topping s Line specification.

Du schaust: Audi a6 avant test

What zu sein it?

Audi, despite its myriad of SUV and crossover offerings, ausblüten makes produces two estate dare – die A4 Avant und this, ns all-new A6 Avant. Despite it’s hard to deny die appeal that the four-wheel-drive market zu sein currently experiencing, die everyday estate automobile is still there zum those who want space, practicality and ease-of-use wrapped up in a more road-friendly bodystyle.

Audi’s neu A6 boasts much more technology than ever before, along with a pair of efficient diesel engines too. We’re testing it here bei range-topping s Line specification.

What’s new?

It was no klein task kommen sie replace the old A6 Avant. Ns previous auto had confirmed immeasurably popular, through sleek, elegant und understated styling somehow managing kommen sie defy time. Dafür when that came kommen sie revealing the new one, there was a same amount von expectation placed on zu it.

Fortunately, us needn’t oase worried. The new A6 Avant arrived with die same classy approach kommen sie exterior design und interior layout. Over there are boosted materials, a an excellent amount des standard tools and, as before, a brilliantly big boot.

What’s under the bonnet?

You’ve actually got just 2 engine options obtainable with die A6 Avant. There’s a range-topping ‘50’ 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel with 282bhp, or die entry-grade ‘40’ 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel, which is the one we schutz here. It produces 201bhp and 400Nm von torque, and it’s driven to die front wheels an our test car durch a seven-speed automatically gearbox. Von course, Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive system ist available as an extra, und there’s great reason kommen sie specify this – though we’ll kommen sie to the later.

It’s certainly ns engine choice zum those who want reasonable economy figures. Audi insurance claims 57.6mpg an unified (with cars running 20-inch alloy wheels, like ours), together emissions of 129g/km CO2. Despite these figures are good, that doesn’t mean the A6 Avant is underpowered – 0-60mph take a respectable 8.1 seconds, v acceleration topping out weist 149mph.

What’s the like to drive?

The A6 Avant has always famously been in accomplished long-distance cruiser und this latest version ist no different. Weist motorway speed it’s substantial hushed, with the engine do next kommen sie no audible intrusion on ns cabin. Die steering has a an excellent weight zu it (albeit with wenig feel), und there’s an ext than enough power on tap zu make overcome or merging an easy task indeed.

It’s hinweisen lower speeds where the effect falters somewhat. Die issue lies predominately with ns gearbox, which tun können be sluggish to send energie to die wheels wie pulling far from a dead stop. It means that if freundin want kommen sie make a rapid dash right into a roundabout, or briskly leave a junction, then you kann be left waiting for the stärke to arrive. It quickly gets tiresome.

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And wie that energie does at some point arrive, it kann often be auch much zum the prior tyres kommen sie cope with. Driven gently the powertrain doesn’t trouble the forward rubber all the often, yet push die throttle with a wenig more fervor und you’ll most likely feel die front wheels scrabbling zum traction. We’d opt weil das the quattro system to protect against this.

How does that look?

As stated earlier, the A6 Avant’s design blieb toes on ns understated side of things and, zum most, the won’t be bad thing whatsoever. Yes, ns front grille ist almost obscenely large and there’s every manner von chrome accents dotted across die exterior car, yet it’s not bei ostentatious design – far from it.

It’s a large car, too, yet somehow Audi has managed zu disguise that is sheer size with a variety von cut lines und trim pieces. It’s been fairly successful in hiding the car’s as whole bulk, und it way that die A6 Avant looks more dynamic than other estates.

What’s it favor inside?

Audi’s top top a bit des a roll when it comes to car interiors von late; the neu Q8’s cabin zu sein effortlessly stylish, and even ns compact A1’s cockpit feels practically surprisingly well-made zum a compact hatch. It’ll kommen sie as no surprised then that die A6 Avant’s cabin ist very fine made.

High-quality materials schutz been provided throughout die interior, und everything feels very well put together. It’s centred around a widescreen infotainment system which dominates ns cabin, but when combined with the high-definition virtual Cockpit makes weil das a very high-tech feeling place zu be.

What’s die spec like?

Our car, together mentioned, came bei top-spec S-Line trim. The means you get a complete sports styling kit through a dynamic front splitter design. And that, freundin get a lowered sports suspension setup, and Audi’s fantastic Matrix led headlights paired through scrolling behind indicators. You deshalb get 19-inch alloy wheels as standard, though die ones ~ above our test car had actually been upgraded kommen sie larger 20-inch devices which were accompanied über a fearsome £1,550 preis tag.

S heat cars acquire a full hyperplasie system, despite we’d argue that it’s precious adding ns technology pack for £1,495. This brings through it a 10.1-inch oberteil screen system, attach by an 8.6-inch screen underneath it kommen sie control heating and ventilation functions. You so get ns 12.3-inch virtual cockpit system, which replaces die traditional dials und looks fantastic.

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Audi’s recent A6 Avant zu sein a dependable, comfortable and refined long-distance load-lugger – nur as it always has been, historically. The newly-updated cabin feels unique too, und elevates die feel of the car far above that of just a usual ‘estate’. We’d argue the quattro yes, really needs zu be added to die package kommen sie make it fully rounded – particularly an the UK, where die weather regularly requires better traction than an most nations – but save zum that, this ist one completed wagon.