Aus Dem Nichts Oscar

The German film director Fatih Akin rose to fame v his award-winning film from 2004, "Head-On," which received the golden Bear award at ns Berlinale, among other prizes.

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Born bei Hamburg in 1973, Fatih Akin"s parents room from Turkey. Die filmmaker, scriptwriter, producer und actor"s works regularly explore ns struggles of German-Turks searching zum their own identity amidst different cultural influences. Together with "Head-On," "The Edge von Heaven" (2007) und "Soul Kitchen" (2009) have obtained several awards in festivals. The has also directed documentaries, such as "Crossing the Bridge - the Sound of Istanbul" (2005). In September 2016, his film "Tschick," based on the same-titled novel über Wolfgang Herrndorf, was released in theaters.


How ns German-Turkish labor commitment influenced ns arts 30.10.2021

Germany has become die second home weil das many Turkish immigrants who came to the country following ns 1961 labor agreement. End the tonnage six decades, many have used your creativity zu express their life experiences.


The influential rainer Werner Fassbinder 29.05.2020

Fassbinder, who was born 75 year ago, zu sein considered one of the most important film directors of all time. He had actually filmmakers who influenced him, however he also influenced countless other director after him.


Wolfgang Herrndorf: "Why us Took ns Car"08.10.2018

Two pubescent guys decide kommen sie take the plunge and head out on a huge adventure. A novel around wanderlust, friendship and emotional confusion, ns novel will also inspire adults.


German film Awards: die favorites 26.04.2018

With 10 nominations, "3 Days bei Quiberon" ist this year"s oberteil contender zum a "Lola," as ns German film Awards are also known. Below are other works that can win bei award on Friday.


10 gelb Berlinale Bears: a retreat 23.02.2018

Not every recipients von the golden Bear room well-remembered. The jury has for sure made some questionable calls. Yet some worthy winners of the coveted competition space timeless works that live on an the annals of film.

Past gelb Bear winners: indigenous Altman kommen sie Ang Lee 23.02.2018

Fatih Akin, Miyazaki und Fassbinder each created exciting new cinematic worlds und duly winner Berlinale gelb Bears. Before die 2018 trophy winner ist announced, we look back at former recipients von the coveted prize.

German film festival berlin & beyond kicks off in San francisco 09.02.2018

The week-long festival organized von the Goethe institut is die largest von its kind bei the united state — and outside von Europe. Manager Fatih Akin"s current Golden erde win through "In the Fade" has actually boosted interest bei German film.

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Highlights des the Sundance film Festival lineup 18.01.2018

The Sundance film Festival kicks turn off the globalen string of film festivals. Showcasing independent films, it features this year eight German co-productions, as well as movies directed von stars Ethan Hawke und Idris Elba.

Another hollywood prize for Fatih Akin"s "In the Fade" 12.01.2018

This has been a week of hollywood acclaim for Fatih Akin und his thriller "In die Fade," together a Critics" choice Award complies with on the heels von his golden Globe. Is an Oscar on the horizon, too?

Golden Globes 2018: and the award goes to... 08.01.2018

An American theater on rape and murder, a story around a woman and a secret creature, but so a German crime film dealing through revenge to be honored at die 75th Golden globe Awards ceremony.

Opinion: Fatih Akin"s emotional cinema appeals to hollywood 08.01.2018

By win a golden Globe, Fatih Akin has actually finally obtained Hollywood"s recognition. The German-Turkish director des "In die Fade" completely deserves ns award, claims"s film fachmann Jochen Kürten.

"In ns Fade" und other films von Fatih Akin 08.01.2018

Director Fatih Akin take away up ns true stories von the neo-Nazi series des murders throughout Germany in his recent film, "In die Fade." Here"s a look rückseitig at some von his previous works.

Germany"s Golden globus winner: Fatih Akin 08.01.2018

His film "In ns Fade," which confronts the horror of far-right extremist attacks bei the mid-2000s, has actually won a golden Globe and is nominated for bei Oscar. Here"s a look at German director Fatih Akin"s work.

German film shortlisted weil das foreign language film Oscar 15.12.2017

Premiering in the united state on December 27, Fatih Akin"s "In the Fade" zu sein on the shortlist zum the Academy Awards" finest foreign language film — one out des nine films selected weil das the category.

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German director Fatih Akin gets Golden globus nod 11.12.2017

Guillermo del Toro"s "The Shape of Water" leader the golden Globes nominations with 7 nods. Germany is well represented with Fatih Akin and Hans zimmer among ns nominees.

KINO favorites: 7 an excellent directing debuts 24.11.2017

The no-budget thriller that placed Christopher Nolan on die road to "Batman," Ridley Scott"s forgotten duration drama and Steven Spielberg"s humble beginnings with a monster truck: These erste films released stellar careers.