Ben Affleck"s Caped Crusader in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been described by director Zack Snyder as someone who "bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter." That description nonetheless doesn"t reveal just how old, exactly, Affleck as Bruce Wayne is in the film. Indeed, given the acknowledged influence of Frank Miller"s Dark Knight Returns comic book, Affleck"s Mr. Wayne could already be in his mid-50s.

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Recent Batman V Superman phối pics và videos showing Affleck with grey temples (coupled with rumors about Batman"s history in Snyder"s new movie) have indicated that, in the film, Bruce could indeed be showing the signs of wear & tear from his longtime battle against crime in Gotham City. The other possibility, of course, is that the 42-year old Affleck has simply been made up khổng lồ look more befitting of a character who"s a decade (or so) older than the Oscar-winner currently is.

Batman V Superman producer Michael Uslan, during an interview with Asbury Park Press, touched on the controversy over Affleck being cast as Bruce Wayne - and, in the process, revealed the character"s age in the film:

"So, this has happened time và again, and it happened with Affleck. To lớn go back lớn the original thought of Bruce Wayne in his mid-40s, I think he"s going to lớn be extraordinary."

So, by the sound of it, Affleck will essentially be playing his real-life age in Batman V Superman. Why the aforementioned changes in his appearance then? Well, it could be to better emphasize, the age difference between Bruce Wayne và Clark Kent (Henry Cavil) in the film (visually, rather by means of dialogue); & thus, highlight the differences in experience và clashing outlook of the dual costumed heroes. The grey sideburns could also be Snyder"s homage to lớn the grey-haired Batman depicted in The Dark Knight Returns.

Batman vs. Anh kiệt in "The Dark Knight Returns" animated feature
Rumor has it that Affleck as the Caped Crusader will get his own solo vehicle (said lớn be tentatively titled The Batman) in 2019 - possibly arriving on the June 2019 date that Warner Bros. Has reserved for one of its multiple upcoming DC movies. That would put Affleck"s Bruce Wayne pretty close khổng lồ 50 by that time, assuming the film picks up close to real time after the events of Batman V Superman (and probably Justice League a year thereafter, by the sound of it).

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Will The Batman (or whatever Affleck"s Batman solo movie winds up being called) see Bruce Wayne undertaking one last mission and/or handing over his cape và cowl to a younger person? That may sound a bit too similar to The Dark Knight Rises for some people"s tastes, but it"s still feasible.

Another possibility is The Batman ends up being a re-imagined version of the Batman Beyond film adaptation (in that "90s cartoon series, Bruce trains Terry McGinnis to become the new Batman) - a project that was rumored lớn be under consideration at WB, shortly before Batman V Superman was announced. Feel free to let us know in the comments section what you imagine the future will hold for Affleck"s Batman in the budding DC Cinematic Universe.

Batman V Superman arrives in theaters on March 25th, 2016.

Source: Asbury Park Press


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