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“I think (hope) Arya will ende up on ns Iron Throne, simply due to the fact that she’ll be the last one standing, she’s ns coldest, und lowkey more than likely more grausam than Daenerys (even though she’s trying kommen sie be).”

Baby FuzZ


"I"m definitely gonna have to go v Sansa.

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She 100% to know how zu manipulate people and plays die game much better than everyone else."

Calum Scott


"Tabor und I have both been watching this season des "GoT" dafür this is a really exciting thing to think about und discuss!! we feel prefer Arya has actually a shot at die Iron Throne und we"re nur going to go ahead und put produziert name zuerst because she"s a much more unlikely candidate, she"s nur killed ns night king, und she"s clearly ruthless!!" - Clementine Creevy von Cherry Glazerr



"In my opinion, Jon und Dany can rule together since it"s weirdly romantic, but i think Arya möchte take ns throne since she has ns heart des a lion. She"s ns ultimate protector und would make a benevolent however badass ruler."



"Sansa - She has been v literal hell and survived, also thrived. She has learned ns intimate details of how zu navigate bei politics und keeps a kühl head. As far as legitimacy… if everyone else ist dead, there"s no one zu challenge produziert claim." - McKinley Kitts des flor

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"Tyrion Lannister. I think he"s a Targaryen, which would make ihm the heritage to ns throne."

James Droll


"It"s candid hard to imagine anyone Überleben this season - allow alone claiming the Iron Throne. However, it"s simple enough to imagine the Cersei and Qyburn oase something ridiculously diabolical bei store zum Westeros, which will annihilate hilfreich the population. Jon Snow, in all von his broody bearded beautifulness, appears to have the best shot weist sitting on ns Iron Throne. Weil das a couple of moments, anyway, prior to being betrayed von Lord Varys for "the good des the realm." Regardless des the outcome, it"s safe kommen sie say that everyone wollen lose at ns "Game von Thrones."" - drew Buffington of Knox Hamilton

Lo Lo


"Dany has gone complete Anakin ~ above us, deswegen I"m officially to dance on the gesund train, and by train i mean white horse. Arya, you"re our only hope."



"Going right into this final episode of the series, i have deswegen many thoughts. Ich think that Daenerys actually saw ns final outcome back bei season 2, wie man she was in the house of the undying, looking weil das her baby dragons. Ns vision was of a lock with ns ceiling ripped off und the throne covered bei snow.

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I can only assume the this zu sein symbolic von Jon eye being ns force that takes her throne. Also, she ist showing huge time glimpses of the well known Mad King bei her existing actions… leave me kommen sie wonder if after ruining King"s Landing and taking herstellung throne, Tyrion will take his location as die "Queen Slayer," as a nod to ns undying love weil das his household that he can never seem to outrun. Climate he"ll bring Sansa back to King"s Landing to have the Starks run ns Seven Kingdoms v honor, yet with Jon eye on the throne as king."

Pretty Vicious


"My heart is torn between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow weil das the steel Throne. Ich haven"t started die final season because ich needed to refresh mine brain zu all die information an the previous seasons. Dafür for all ich know, they might be dead now (this show ist obviously notfall afraid zu kill that is heroes) or maybe they"ve joined forces! (Fingers crossed, ignorance is bliss).



"Okay deswegen I"ve watched 1.25 episodes des "Game von Thrones." I gott through about fünfzehn minutes von S1E1 prior to falling into a deep sleep and didn"t make any 2nd attempt until two weeks back when i agreed to a day that connected watching a new episode with five von my date"s "GoT" i heard friends. I schutz no idea what "the steel Throne" zu sein or who wollen "win" it, und to it is in honest, i don"t care! yet here ist my prediction anyway: ns one who"s sleeping with his aunt. Because ns only thing ich know about "GoT" zu sein they like kommen sie freak united state out deswegen a "murder your crush who"s also your aunt und win ns show" moment feels right!"

Sheridan Reed


"Dany deserves ns Iron Throne. She"s shed friends and nearly produziert entire family line. She uncovered out she can"t be with the person she loves.

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She lost two dragons and gets categorized as going "mad" since of her emotions. She has actually fought for freedom, damaged chains, and inspired more people 보다 anyone else an play weil das the throne des the seven Kingdoms." - Joey Armstrong von SWMRS