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With the development of several VR headsets an recent years, online Reality has actually finally found its place an the unterhalten world. V VR headsets weil das PCs, video game consoles and smartphones, over there are modell out there weil das every budget.

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When it comes to choosing one des the many easily accessible models, you have to take it many elements into account. Deciding which VR headset is best möchte depend on how freundin want kommen sie use it.

Here we nur you die best VR headsets on die market in 2019!

How execute VR headsets actually work though?Technical Requirements des VR HeadsetsThe 4 Types des VR HeadsetFor whom zu sein a VR headset suitable?What to pay attention to when purchase a VR headsetWhat walk a VR headset expense on average?Overview des the present VR headsets in 2019Standalone VR Headsets in 2019The ideal VR headsets zum the computer in 2019The best VR Headsets weil das Mobile Phones bei 2019The finest VR Headsets zum Game Consoles bei 2019Your experiences are very valuable to us!

How perform VR headsets actually arbeit though?

Virtual fact – something gamers have been dreaming von since the first generation was released in the early on 80s. Movies like Tron und numerous scientific research fiction novels made ns VR ide appealing zu many gamers a long time ago.

For a long time, however, implementation seemed like a remote reality.

This is because complex technology ist necessary to create a completely immersive experience. This only became available in recent year thanks zu breakthroughs an processor performance and screen technology at affordable prices.

How people Perceive Space

An immersive VR experience is only possible if sie use the ability des human vision to simulate a real world. An order zu be able kommen sie understand this native a technological perspective, it zu sein necessary to visualize how the brain combine the information captured von the eye into an optical image.

Humans tun können only see in 3D since they oase two eyes. As the eyes space slightly offset, castle capture ns surroundings native slightly different angles. This fact is the grundlegend prerequisite zum three-dimensional vision.

In the brain, the bildern of different viewing angle are merged into a complete, platz image, which gives us our three-dimensional vision. It’s referred to as stereoscopic vision.

The Trick des Virtual fact – carry out a different Display weil das Each Eye

Virtual fact makes use of this function des human vision: Both ns left and right eye are each gezeigt their own image on their own screen, i m sorry represents 2 slightly offset viewing angles of Virtual Reality. Nur as ns eyes would lakers a ja wirklich room.

The brain then does the rest! nur as with ja wirklich vision, die brain procedures these 2 perspectives into a 3D field von vision, which permits us kommen sie experience the spatial environment.

Technical Requirements des VR Headsets


Depending on exactly how high die resolution must be, a gewächs of computer power is required zu generate these two images. Online Reality und VR headsets have only end up being a truth thanks to die rapidly improved computer power von PCs, consoles and smartphones an recent years:

In 2016, the first und long-awaited luxury VR headsets indigenous Oculus and HTC were released.

There are some criteria zum VR headsets that space crucial in determining die quality of the VR experience:

Image resolution rate

The goal des Virtual Reality ist to create the perfect illusion des a digital world. However, over there is still a lang way zu go. One des the most essential criteria for achieving die best feasible results zu sein getting ns highest possible image resolution rate for VR headsets. This guarantee that die world ist presented together fluidly together possible. The bild resolution rate des better VR headsets is usually bolzen 60 and 120 Hz.


The resolution represented by the pixels or pixel density zu sein important in order to produce as realistic a graphic together possible, too as in image that is as unscreened and unpixelated together possible.

The resolution is listed über eye or overall and is usually betwee 1920×1200 (960×1200 von eye) and 2880×1600 (1920×1600 von eye) pixels on existing devices.

Image resolution

The importance of the bild transmission of VR headsets should notfall be underestimated. At ns moment, HDMI cables are usually used. However, this restricts the player’s freedom von movement.

It goes there is no saying the VR headsets zum smartphones tun können be supplied without together cables. However, the quality is much weaker zum the pc than with a VR headset. Bei recent days, wireless variants for image transmission have so become available weil das the PC.

Wireless VR headsets are definitely ns solution of the future together they provide die best user experience. At ns moment, however, we ausblüten have to compromise top top these options – be it an the form of high acquisition costs weil das solutions with pcs (if sie don’t currently own a an effective PC), or die weaker graphics des Virtual reality headsets zum the smartphone, or even standalone VR headsets.

Field of Vision

The person field von vision ist approximately 214 levels horizontally and up zu 150 levels vertically. Normally, however, people tend kommen sie turn their heads rather than take complete advantage des their whole field des vision.

For this reason, VR headsets currently manage through a viel smaller field of vision des up zu 110 degrees.


Tracking zu sein all about capturing ns body/body parts of the player. This tun können be used zum VR gaming as a control, or zu locate die player in the virtual room.

Not every VR headsets room equipped with a verfolgung system, and the system themselves differ from each various other quite a bit. VR headsets for smartphones und standalone headsets don’t usually have tracking. Bei exception to this is the Oculus Quest, i beg your pardon does support tracking. On the other hand, VR headsets zum PCs usually support tracking, and therefore market a more complete experience.

Comfort und Weight

In order to optimize ns immersive suffer as viel as possible, die VR customer should obtain as little as possible des the hardware once they anfang wearing a VR headset. Ns most important factor here ist the weight, closely followed by the ergonomics of the headset.

VR headsets should notfall only it is in comfortable to wear, lock must deshalb sit securely bei heated VR situations. And all this has zu be completed without getting tired or feeling pain when wearing a VR headset.

This ist no klein challenge, as the technology of VR headsets can not be made less complicated without any kind of side effects. The development of increasingly comfortable und light components möchte take time, und will definitely continue to improve with the coming generations von VR headsets.

The weight von a completely functional VR headset ist usually somewhere betwee 380 und 600 grams. Virtual fact headsets zum the smartphone are much lighter. However, you also have zu take right into account the weight of the smartphone, which zu sein attached straight to the headset und serves as a screen.

These are ns most necessary criteria des VR headsets. Escape on the type of headset and the price, these can differ considerably from each other.

The 4 Types des VR Headset


In 2016, mass-produced VR headsets with affordable prices came on die market for the erste time, giving users in outstanding VR experience. There room 4 various types von VR headset:

VR headsets zum PC

The ideal experience in Virtual Reality kann sein be accomplished with a luxury headset. This usually schutz the ideal technical specifications. However, this is deshalb reflected in the price. The rather expensive VR headsets zum the PC so require as an effective a computer as possible in order to optimally display ns VR worlds. Among the most famous models of VR headsets for PC room theValve Index, the Oculus Rift S and the HTC Vive Pro.

VR headsets zum consoles

As expected, it also makes sense kommen sie use a VR headset wie playing ~ above a console. Up zu now, there ist only one significant VR headset zum consoles on die market: Sony playstation VR. There room no VR headsets available for the Xbox yet.

VR headsets for mobile phones

The cheapest and easiest way kommen sie experience VR is to use a VR headset that has actually been especially designed zum smartphones. These room usually an easy head mounts right into which the smartphone ist inserted. These serve as both a computer und a display. Two examples von successful VR headsets zum smartphones space the samsung Gear VR and the google Daydream View.

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Standalone VR headset

There are also some VR headsets on die market that do notfall require a computer unit such together a PC, a console or a smartphone. These standalone VR devices have their own integrated chip.

The most wichtig examples des standalone headsets are die Oculus Go, the Pico , die HTC Vive Cosmos and the Oculus Quest.

For whom zu sein a VR headset suitable?

VR headsets are an exciting new way zum the substantial majority of users to experience online worlds in a an ext realistic manner. However, a VR headset is not suitable for everyone.

VR for glasses wearers

Many human being wonder if they kann use VR gadgets even despite they schutz poor eyesight. The answer is: correct! Virtual reality headsets kann be used by almost every glasses wearers without any kind of problems. This is because most VR headsets schutz their own concentrating wheels, i beg your pardon enable ns lenses kommen sie be adjusted as required.

Whether or notfall the adjustment is sufficient relies on die severity von the visual impairment. This ist because die lenses des VR headsets are notfall quite as effective as those of optical glasses. Deluxe VR headsets so allow you zu change ns lens according zu your intuitive acuity.

However, if you have a severe visual impairment, you will sometimes schutz to wear her optical glasses under die VR headset. This is so the instance with much less expensive VR headsets the do not allow ns lenses kommen sie be replaced. Wearing glasses under a VR headset normally works without any kind of issues. However, this tun können become uncomfortable end time, escape on die design. You deshalb have kommen sie make sure that ns headset fits exactly, as ns focal point ist reduced when wearing optical glasses. This method that the bild may come to be blurred if the headset slips slightly.

If you have a intuitive impairment, you’ll encounter ns least amount von problems if freundin wear contact lenses – as lang as you can tolerate them.

Can youngsters use a VR headset?

You should exercise much more caution when allowing kids or young adults to use a VR headset. On playstations VR, there zu sein a klasse stating that children under ns age von 12 should not be using it.

PlayStation ceo Shuhei Yoshida has actually himself called weil das a neu age rating system that will be adapted for VR games. Die reason zum this is that we know very wenig about ns long-term effects that these an extremely intensive VR experiences kann sein have ~ above both ns body und mind.

The Oculus Rift has bei age limit des 13 years. The safety information is as follows:

“…Prolonged use must be avoided together it may adversely influence hand and eye coordination, balance and also your ability to multi-task.”

Although the HTC Vive doesn’t oase a specified age limit, freundin should exercise die same caution with this VR headset.

Motion sickness

Motion sickness or kinetosis is ausblüten a really common next effect of VR, caused über the release of stress hormones. This might be express in:

DizzinessCold sweatsGeneral discomfortNauseaFatigue and lethargyHeadaches

Motion sickness does not pose a permanent risk und usually subsides within a few hours. We spoke about this in our article: How to Create 360-Degree Videos.

The market assumes that activity sickness will become increasingly rare as VR technology improves.

Addiction potential von Virtual Reality

Due kommen sie a lack of data, it is not however possible kommen sie estimate just how high ns addiction potential of Virtual reality is. What is certain, however, is that conventional video games oase the potential to be extremely addictive. Due to die very role playing game experience of VR, the wouldn’t be i can not qualify if the addiction potential des VR games were even higher.

Due to ns very immersive experience freundin get in VR, it is not i can not qualify that the development of VR content will generate some negativ headlines.

What to pay attention zu when purchase a VR headset

There zu sein a huge number des suitable VR headsets currently on the market. Die decision regarding which VR headset is the appropriate ones depends on what you want to do v it, on ns technical possibilities und conditions und last but not least, on the price.

What does a VR headset expense on average?

VR headsets space available in four various categories i m sorry we have already outlined. Die average prices are different depending on ns category. We have calculated them here for you:

Price of a VR headset weil das the PC

In this group you will find ns most technically innovative VR headsets. Accordingly, ns prices are also the highest. In addition, sie need powerful hardware zu be able zu use these VR headsets in in optimal way. Having compared numerous suppliers, we resolved that the average price is 510 euros. Ns cheapest collection costs 419 euros. The most expensive model zu sein the HTC Vive Pro zum 719 euros.

Price des a VR headset for the smartphone

If freundin want zu enter the VR world but don’t want zu spend too much, you can fall back on a solution zum the smartphone. Ns smartphone zu sein mounted right into or on the headset zum this. Having actually compared die numerous uses available, us found the average price to be nur under 42 euros. The current cheapest model is the Hamswan 3D, which currently costs 24 euros, when the samsung Gear VR right now costs 119 euros.

Price of a VR headset for consoles

There’s not viel choice at the moment when that comes zu finding a VR headset for consoles. Zum the Playstation, ns only möglichkeit available zu sein Playstation VR. Game stations VR is available zum 190 euros.

Price of a standalone VR headset

Standalone VR headsets are still quite rarely at die moment. Besides the two most necessary manufacturers Oculus (Go, Quest) und Pico (G2 4k), just Lenovo has dafür far brought a usable model onto die market with the Mirage Solo. Price vary betwee 159 euros (Oculus Go) und 799 euros (HTC Vive emphasis import) zum standalone VR headsets.

Overview von the current VR headsets in 2019

To provide you bei overview von the countless models, you möchte find the best VR headsets listed here.

Standalone VR Headsets in 2019

1. Oculus Quest
Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest ist the newest standalone headset native Oculus. This VR headset is weil das those looking for a wireless way kommen sie consume VR the does notfall require any added hardware.

Special feature: ns Quest has built-in tracking. Hardly any type of other provider currently offers this function.

The Oculus Quest’s significant plus clues are the controllers and large selection of games included an the package. The price is also quite reasonable. You kann sein get a finish VR headset for just under 450 euros.

2. Pico (Neo, G2)
Pico G2

Pico was the erste Chinese manufacturer kommen sie draw attention zu itself an the VR world. Their zuerst model, the Pico Neo, was the zuerst standalone VR headset ever. Die specifications von the Neo space most comparable to die Oculus Go.

The successor model Pico G2 could pose a echt threat to the Oculus Go. V 2880×1600 pixels at a framework rate des up kommen sie 90Hz and a camera for outward vision, the G2 has specs the outperform all various other standalone headsets available deshalb far. In addition, ns G2 zu sein extremely light, weighing just 268-278 grams.

However, die G2, which zu sein available in three version (G2, G2 Pro zum even an ext performance, and G2 4K v extra high resolution), is not currently intended zum the consumer market: die VR headsets produced by Pico space currently obtainable exclusively zum developers and business client via the Pico website.

3. HTC Vive Focus
HTC Vive emphasis

The Vive focus from HTC does notfall require freundin to oase a PC, base terminal or sensors. As quickly as ns device arrives, freundin can anfang immediately and enjoy VR an a 2880 x 1660 pixel resolution.

The sensors on die headset enable inside-out tracking, in which the room kann sein be detected and your own position bei the room kann be determined. This allows the headset zu adapt to ns available space and no much longer depends on die free room having kommen sie be a certain size.

If you are interested bei the HTC Vive Focus, it ist currently available weil das 693 euros.

4. Oculus GO
Oculus GO

The Oculus Go zu sein a independent VR headset, particularly designed for the consumption von VR apps und 360-degree videos. Bei order kommen sie meet this requirements, viel lower specifications are required than VR headsets designed for gaming. This deshalb affects the price. Available zum less than 200 euros, it is significantly cheaper than the Oculus Quest.

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5. Lenovo Mirage Solo
Lenovo Mirage Solo

The Lenovo Mirage Solo just came on the market a little later than ns Oculus Go. In terms von specifications, however, it zu sein much closer to die more an effective Oculus Quest.

The reason for this ist that Lenovo’s VR headset is deshalb equipped with number of cameras that enable tracking. Furthermore, die processor performance also as die frame price are significantly far better than what die Oculus Go kann sein provide. Die Lenovo Mirage Solo is currently available zum just over 400 euros.