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Fall Movie Preview 2018: A symbiote, a nutcracker & a gay rock star walk into new movie season — who will thrive? who will survive?


“Venom” (Sony/Columbia, October 5)

Sony Pictures is dipping two toes into the Spiderverse this fall as it looks lớn expand its Marvel IP beyond the world of Peter Parker. First up is “Venom,” which takes place in the same Marvel universe as the mighty “Avengers” franchise and, of course, Sony’s own hot Spidey property fronted by Tom Holland.

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Tom Hardy plays journalist Eddie Brock, who gets entangled with an alien symbiote that gives him special powers as long as they nói qua the same body. Hardy’s turbulent genius has been largely reserved for prestige films and period dramas — aside from mumble-mouthed turns in blockbusters like “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Leading lady Michelle Williams & antagonist Riz Ahmed should help pull in some unexpected demos, but this is purely a dice-roll for Hardy and Sony as it seeks lớn leverage its slice of the Marvelverse.


“A Star Is Born” (Warner Bros., October 5)

Leading man Bradley Cooper & global superstar Lady Gaga seem like a perfect match for this long-gestating musical reboot, territory where both Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand have tread before.

If only it were that easy. Cooper is a first-time director who wanted lớn shoot on location at live musical festivals lượt thích Coachella and Glastonbury. And Gaga is untested as a dramatic actress — despite a Golden Globe win for her uber-camp turn in “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

They’ll have khổng lồ harmonize not only as artistic & credible voices, but also as two real stars playing two fictional stars without coming off lượt thích caricatures. Early indication is that Cooper pulled it off — on no less than the third time this movie has been made.

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“The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” (Disney, November 2)

Disney developed a film version of the beloved holiday ballet — first staged in 1892 — & it seemed lượt thích a slam-dunk visual feast from director Lasse Hallström, goosed by an all-star cast (including Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley và Morgan Freeman) and the screen debut of African American prima ballerina Misty Copeland.

But the release was pushed back from 2017 — & the studio hired Joe Johnston lớn oversee a massive 32-day reshoot that raised eyebrows around town (Hallström was said lớn have scheduling conflicts — though he was not attached khổng lồ any other projects).

Not only is this public-domain IP of the sort that Disney often avoids these days, but the studio now faces the additional challenge of determining whether & how the promotional campaign should use Freeman, accused of sexual misconduct and harassment in May. (The actor has vehemently denied any misconduct.)


“The Grinch” (Universal, November 9)

More hallowed than “The Nutracker,” Dr. Seuss’ perennial mean one — Mr. Grinch — is getting a dust-off and CGI facelift from Universal và Illumination. The last time the studio touched the property was in 2000, with Ron Howard’s live-action film starring rubber-faced Jim Carrey — which grossed just over $345 million worldwide.

Now the film will seek lớn reengage a youth audience whose viewing habits are guided by parents in love with the original animated TV special. Benedict Cumberbatch voices the green antihero, and an early trailer shows a more modern take (he spies on Whoville with drones).