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Wireless technologies oase greatly enhanced over time. Consequently, it's now possible kommen sie pick a an excellent wireless gaming headset that has low sufficient latency the you're not bothered by the delay when playing your favorite games. If sie play multiplayer games, a nice-sounding microphone ensures the your teammates und friends kann hear you. Some are even Bluetooth-compatible, deshalb you can mix an your music while play or use the headset together day-to-day wireless headphones.

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We’ve tested over 645 headphones, und below space our recommendations zum the ideal wireless gaming headphones kommen sie buy. If you’re looking zum headsets with a particular gaming system in mind, examine out our recommendations weil das thebest gaming headsets, best Xbox One headsets, und thebest PS4 gaming headsets.

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Dec 01, 2021: confirm our picks for accuracy and product availability. Over there hasn"t to be a change bei our recommendations.

Nov 05, 2021: Made ns Razer Kaira pro Wireless zum Xbox the "Cheaper Alternative" to the SteelSeries 9X Wireless instead von the "Alternative With lower Latency", early out to prüfen bench 1.5 updates.

Oct 08, 2021: Replaced die SteelSeries Arctis pro Wireless with the Logitech G zum X WIRELESS LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset because von their reduced non-Bluetooth latency. Moved die SteelSeries kommen sie Notable Mentions.

Sep 10, 2021: checked picks to make certain they represent ns best recommendations und that ns products space available.

Aug 13, 2021: Added the "Best Headset weil das Mobile Gaming" category und added ns Razer Opus ns Wireless as die pick. There were no other changes to the recommendations.

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Our recommendations aboveare what us think room currently die best wireless gaming headphones zu buy for most people in each preis range. We factor an the preis (cheaper headphones win over pricier persons if ns difference isn't worth it), feedback from ours visitors, and availability (no headphones that are difficult kommen sie findor almostout von stock everywhere).

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If freundin would like to choose foryourself, here is the list von all our reviews zum wireless headphones, ranked von their suitability zum wireless gaming. Be careful notfall togetcaught up in the details. There room no perfectheadphones and your mitarbeiter taste, gaming preference, und playing format will matt more bei your selection.

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