Boeing 777 First Class

Emirates zuerst Class ist one von the best premium products out there weil das aviation enthusiasts. Wie man it come down kommen sie my favorite Emirates first Class, ich would schutz to go with the Emirates A380 aircraft. Die super-jumbo uses a high-end VIP suffer that zu sein unforgettable bei terms of in-flight shower suites und lounge bar. However, I in pretty sure others may argue differently wie it comes zu which zu sein better, Emirates First class on Boeing 777 or ~ above Airbus 380? 

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Please klasse that this to compare is bolzen Emirates A380 and the old 777-300ER, notfall the Emirates neu 777-300ER. 

ns Emirates Boeing triple 7s consists of just 8 first class seats, whereas ns super-jumbo A380 has actually 14 first class seats. Deswegen the cabin on 777 aircraft without doubt feel an ext spacious und less crowded. Moreover, First class cabin ~ above A380 ist on the upper deck making ns cabin an ext narrow than the 777. Deshalb clearly the winner here ist 777 if sie want a wider and roomier First class cabin. 
First class seats on both Emirates 777 und A380 are very much the same in terms of the design und features. Every First class suites come with beautiful gelb studded design and enclosed v a privacy door along with other amenities. However, ns 777 seats room actually slightly wider making it an ext comfortable kommen sie sit in, relax and sleep. This ist probably because of how spacious ns First class cabin ~ above 777 ist compared to die First klasse cabin ~ above A380. 
Emirates 777 First klasse Suite

Fun and memorable experience room what good about the Emirates First klasse on the Airbus 380. Ns aircraft functions two huge shower suites und they are merely beautiful. An fact, did sie know there's a devoted flight attendant that's his/her hauptsächlich job is to make sure those shower suites room clean und ready throughout your flight? ich remember first time stepping into die lavatory on Emirates A380 First klasse that zu sein equipped v a shower suite, i was amazed about how big und beautiful that was. Etihad airways A380 First class Shower Suite can't compare. 
after all, who tun können say that they shower on a plane at 40,000 feet above ns ground? Emirates 777 unfortunately does not have a shower head suite. 
Emirates A380 First class Shower Suite

Emirates A380 Lounge Bar

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an additional fun attribute on Emirates A380 zu sein that it has actually a ja wirklich lounge riegel that's accessible von the zuerst Class und Business class passengers. I have not to be on any kind of other plane that die lounge bar kann sein be contrasted to die Emirates A380's. I oase been bei Etihad A380's lounge, yet it's notfall as kühl as Emirates A380's lounge. 
It's just a true unforgettable experience to nur walk up to the bar, order a drink und then sit bei the lounge zu socialize through others without realizing that freundin are in reality on the plane doing that. Emirates 777 is losing kommen sie Emirates A380 here due to the fact that 777 walk not oase a lounge bar. 
Emirates A380 First class Lounge gittern

Emirates A380 is quieter and smoother kommen sie ride in. This makes the A380 aircraft ns best candidate kommen sie experience every those over die top shower suites und lounge bar without realizing that freundin are actually on a plane. Deshalb comparing to die 777 aircraft, A380 aircraft provides a better and smoother ride. 
If freundin are looking for more in dept reviews von each Emirates aircraft zuerst Class, I have reviewed 777 twice und A380 once. All were lang haul international flights that allowed enough time kommen sie really gain what every First klasse aircraft had zu offer. 
there you oase it! when Emirates 777 offers much more spacious First class cabin and wider seats zum comfort an the suite, Emirates A380 First klasse offers distinctive unforgettable experiences in terms des the shower head suites und lounge bar at 40,000 feet above ns ground. If Emirates A380 does not have those two things, then 777 would certainly be my preferable choice to fly. 
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