It ist a milestone on the path to the chip factory of the future: punkt the new semiconductor fab an Dresden, silicon wafers are passing through ns fully automatically fabrication process zum the zuerst time.

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Manufacturing des automotive microchips wollen be a primary emphasis when die fully digital and highly associated semiconductor plant ist up and running. “Chips zum tomorrow’s mobility solutions and greater security on our roads will soon be produced an Dresden. We arrangement to offen our chip factory des the future before the year ist out,” claims Harald Kroeger, member von the board von management von Robert GmbH. Ns company currently operates a semiconductor fab in Reutlingen close to Stuttgart. The new wafer fab an Dresden ist’s response to die surging number of areas des application for semiconductors. is investing roughly one billion euros an the high-tech manufacturing facility, which möchte be one of the most advanced wafer fabs an the world.

monitor blogger nicole Scott on a virtual videos tour des the totally connected und intelligent Waferfab an Dresden.


The neu plant stands top top a plot ns size von 14 soccer pitches. Production and office space is being constructed on a total of 72,000 square metres. Take a look inside und explore die waferfab with interactive sphere photos, nearly as if sie were on site.

The technology bei focus hinweisen’s new dresden facility zu sein 300-millimeter fabrication, an which a einzel wafer can accommodate 31,000 individual chips. Contrasted with traditional 150- und 200-millimeter wafers, this an innovation offers die company greater economies of scale und boosts its competitiveness in semiconductor production. Moreover, completely automated production and real-time charme exchange bolzen the machines wollen make chip manufacturing in Dresden especially efficient. “Our new wafer fab sets standards in automation, digitalization, und connectivity,” Kroeger says.

Semiconductors space finding their method into more and more applications, including in the internet of things und for mobility of the future. The semiconductor fabrication procedure begins through round discs des silicon recognized as wafers. At ns fab an Dresden, these wafers oase a diameter des 300 millimeter and, at just 60 micrometers thick, will be thinner 보다 a human hair. Zu produce die coveted semiconductor chips, the untreated – or “bare” – wafers are then processed zum several weeks. As die application-specific incorporated circuits (ASICs) bei vehicles, zum instance, these semiconductors plot as ns vehicle’s brains. They procedure the info from sensors und trigger more actions, together as sending a lightning-fast post to the airbag kommen sie tell it to deploy. Although die silicon chips measure just a few square millimeters, castle contain complex circuits, sometimes featuring numerous millions von individual electronic functions.


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The dresden wafer fab is’s first AIoT factory. AIoT stands zum the combination of artificial knowledge (AI) und the internet of jene (IoT). V this, is creating a sound basis for data-driven, constant improvement an production, und setting neu standards zum Industry 4.0. Fabricated intelligence methods kann sein be used kommen sie evaluate the charme generated bei the wafer fab. Zum example, bei AI algorithm kann sein detect even die tiniest anomalies in products. These anomalies room visible on die wafer surface an the form of specific fehler patterns well-known as signatures. Their causes are instantly analyzed und deviations from die process corrected there is no delay, even before they tun können affect ns reliability von the product. This is the key zu further improving ns manufacturing processes und semiconductor quality, as well as to achieving a high level von process stability. Bei turn, it method that semiconductor products kann go into full-scale manufacturing quickly. Furthermore, AI algorithms kann sein precisely suspect whether and when a piece of manufacturing machinery or a robot demands maintenance or adjustment. Bei other words, such work is not excellent according zu a strictly schedule, however precisely wie it zu sein needed — und well an advance of any problems cropping up. AI is also used an production scheduling, saving time und costs together it guides the wafers through numerous hundred handling steps punkt roughly 100 machines in the plant.

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Manufacturing des automotive microchips wollen be a primary focus when ns fully digital und highly connected semiconductor plant ist up and running. “Chips zum tomorrow’s mobility solutions und greater safety on our roads wollen soon it is in produced an Dresden. We plan to offen our chip factory of the future before die year is out,” states Harald Kroeger, member of the board of management von Robert GmbH. The company currently operates a semiconductor fab bei Reutlingen near Stuttgart. The neu wafer fab bei Dresden zu sein’s solution to ns surging number des areas of application zum semiconductors. is investing approximately one billion euros an the high-tech production facility, which wollen be one von the most advanced wafer fabs in the world.

In its dresden plant, zu sein making use des augmented reality (AR). Many thanks to smart AR glasses und tablets, users will be maybe to see digital content superimposed on the real environment. Zum example, an AR anwendung developed by permits energy data from die wafer fab to be displayed bei a virtual model of die building. This renders it possible kommen sie optimize ns carbon footprint von the manufacturing machinery. Charme glasses so help with building planning, and an the future wollen be in important aid for remote maintenance of the machinery und systems by experts who may be thousands des miles away.

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zu make ns transmission des data betwee machines and computers even much more flexible, the neu 5G mobile communications standard will soon be presented at ns semiconductor plant. Ns plant was 5G-ready right from die start: all the requirements zum 5G facilities were bring away into factor to consider during die construction phase.


umgebung protection und sustainability were priorities hinweisen the new location from work one. This ist why the dresden wafer fab möchte be carbon neutral from ns outset. Kommen sie achieve this, kann build on experience got at the sister plant an Reutlingen. For example, the primary power supply is exclusively in the form of environment-friendly electricity und carbon-neutral natural gas. Furthermore, sophisticated energy monitoring ensures ns best possible stärke consumption in its production operations.