Bosch Ebike Licht Nachrüsten

Starting Pack

At us don’t want you to leave noþeles behind, and we want die bike you entwurf to be perfect. This zu sein why us created die Starting pack.

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It includes a collection of demo Kits deswegen that sie can start developing ns product, too as an extensive technical documentation, including 3D, models and integration examples.

Our engineering mannschaft will also check the 3D entwurf of your ebike to make sure you didn’t forget anything and that die integration ist suitable. Our software designers will deshalb carry out verifications und work through your mobility managers in the customisation des the behaviour of you eBike. Within downtube battery X35 (250W) (Smart BMS & engine controller inside).

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Each X35 OEM verpackt Includes

Inner tube X35 battery X35 (250W) (Smart BMS & motiv controller inside)Lightweight X35 Hub engineRemote manage (ONE, iWoc or TRIO depending des your electrion.Charger, Wiring & accessoriesPAS sensor zum apps maps licenseUser environment und OEM Platform.

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The adhering to are optional elements:

One clever DisplayBattery Extra energie 250WGPS Tracker (Location und remote diagnosis system)

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