By producing original videobilien content und distributing v a multi-platform-strategy, video Brand Studio succeeded in driving awareness kommen sie a new attraction - ausblüten under construction - an the German theme park Europa-Park. Die video campaign on facebook generated much more than 1,000,000 video views within just five days.

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Publisher/Agency: BILD feuer StudioCampaign: Europa-Park RustBrand: Europa-ParkCountry: Germany

By developing original videos content and distributing with a multi-platform-strategy, bild Brand Studio succeeded in driving awareness kommen sie a neu attraction.


By producing original video content and distributing with a multi-platform-strategy, bild Brand Studio succeeded in driving awareness kommen sie a neu attraction - still under construction - an the German theme park Europa-Park. Die video campaign on auf facebook generated much more than 1,000,000 video views within nur five days.



Europa-Park is the largest theme park in Germany und the second most famous resort in Europe, following disneyland Paris. The park opened in 1975 und is home zu 13 roller coasters and a broad variety des attractions und events, accommodating just over 5.5 million annual visitors.

On June 3rd, 2017, visitors kommen sie Europa-Park to be exposed to a major new attraction: Voletarium. The attraction ist the greatest flying theatre bei Europe und the many expensive single-ride investment punkt the park to date. Visitors experience a four und a half minute flight above 15 of ns most fascinating and impressive places in Europe.

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The aufgabe was thus to:

1. Journey Maximum Awareness -To generate maximum awareness zum the Voletarium within just two mainly prior kommen sie its opening occasion at die park.

2. Entertain und Engage -To develop original, very engaging inhalt that tells in authentic story based on the Voletarium paris experience und communicates vital facts about the park as well as its most well-known attractions.

3. In brand geraten Position -To position Europa-Park as in innovator bei the field von technical inventions, cutting-edge attractions und virtual reality rollercoaster experiences.


- seite views

- Dwell time

- video views

- Snapchat: View-Through-Rate

Target audience

The main target kopieren, gruppe of Europa-Park zu sein young families with children. However, in the context des the campaign, Europa-Park characterized their target kopieren, gruppe as also broader, including singles and groups des friends von all period segments. The average park goer is 29 years old.

Due to die client‘s goal zu create best awareness around bei attraction that nobody bei Germany had ever heard of, video Brand Studio determined two strategy pillars von its campaign.

Strategic approach

Due to the client‘s goal kommen sie create best awareness around bei attraction that nobody in Germany had ever before heard of, bild Brand Studio figured out two strategy pillars of its campaign:

1. Use von original video

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach und just adapting ns video footage of the client, ns aim was to produce a slate von original video comprised von individually edited versions that follow die specific requirements von each platform and channel an question. As bild Brand Studio was given the guideline zu put the features des the attraction at ns centre von the story, they figured out ways zu subtly combine them.

2. Multi-platform storytelling and distribution

As Europa-Park’s defined target group is an extremely broad, bild Brand Studio effectively merged different platforms und channels in an integrated und precisely targeted multi-platform-strategy. Every measure was designed zu ensure in efficient interplay des paid and organic reach. Die latter gift fuelled über a tight payment social media budget. This helped zu achieve an excellent results in every target group segment: indigenous young teens to middle-aged families und even older travellers to ns park.

BILD feuer Studio decided to tell the in brand geraten story not only v expressive pictures and original videos,but deshalb with 360-degree-photographs.

Creative idea

At die time von the brand story production, die Voletarium was still under construction and behind streng closed doors. Except weil das technicians, nobody had ever seen or tested die flying theatre before. Thus, one des the first ideas centred about a world-exclusive “behind-the-scenes“-report, showcasing ns thrill and dimensions of the Voletarium.

Subsequently, die video production team was the first to ever before get a glimpse von the attraction und shoot ~ above location. An order zu create bei enjoyable and engaging content experience, bild Brand Studio decided kommen sie tell the in brand geraten story not only through expressive pictures and original videos, but so with 360-degree-photographs.

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In order zu further increase die impact and reach of the campaign, castle decided kommen sie get a famous German celebrity on board. Die challenge was zu find a personality that both aligned v Europa-Park’s target gruppe segments und represented die Voletarium in bei authentic way.

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After comprehensive in-house research, bild Brand Studio suggested to ns client 10 suitable testimonials. Castle matched each testimonial v Europa-Park’s target group und analysed the performance des their coverage ~ above In the end, castle decided to go with famed actor Jörn Schloinvoigt, chosendue zu his high popularity within Europa-Park‘s target group as well as his very own background together a pilot.

Another factor that video considered crucial was the 25th anniversary of the daily series that he theatre a teil in. Zum over 16 years, Jörn Schlönvoigt has belongedto the taste cast des „Gute Zeiten, schlecht Zeiten“ - Germany‘s many successful täglich series. That anniversary und cast members were covered heavily on during ns time des the campaign. A perfect chance and perfect timing to accomplish good synergy effects weil das the campaign.


In order to guarantee maximum viewership zum the in brand geraten story, bild Brand Studio came up with a multi-platform-strategy that was composed of BILD‘s desktop und mobile websites and paid media efforts on Facebook, Instagram und Snapchat.

On Facebook and Instagram, they released multiple paid campaigns with certain targetings - both zum the post as well as die different versions des social videos.

Content distribution and promotion efforts

As ns client’s score was zu attract a wide audience - covering multiple period groups - bild Brand Studio put together a unique multi-platform-strategy that would certainly ensure relevant reach in each segment.

For the highlights native teaser placements top top (desktop/mobile), many versions to be produced to both grab the attention des Jörn‘s dedicated fan base and other individuals who are more interested an the attraction itself. Bild Brand Studio monitored die teaser performance v A/B testings throughout the campaign and optimised castle along die way.

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On Facebook and Instagram, they launched multiple paid projects with certain targetings - both for the short article as well as die different versions von social videos. Furthermore, they released multiple posts über BILD‘s editorial networks on auf facebook for which they provided 360-degree-photographs.

Another special highlight was ns very zuerst launch des a native video campaign within the editorial section of a German publisher on Snapchat. In a period of 14 days, bild Brand Studio combined a native video story right into their editorial editions that complied with die look and feel of video on Snapchat.

Size von team involved


The average dwell time von 1.38 minutes an the facebook Instant write-up further proves ns high user engagement of die campaign.


Facebook Sponsored post Campaign (Article):

Overall, bild Brand Studio created 40,000 clicks on links with the in brand geraten story short article postings (linking straight to ns article ~ above facebook Instant Article).The strong click rate of 5% and more than 1,795 likes und 192 shares can be meeting to ns right targeting von the campaign, resulting an a CPC von under 0,05 Euro.The median dwell time of 1.38 minutes in the facebook Instant short article further proves ns high user engagement of the campaign.The 360-degree-article-post on the bild main channel generated almost 18,000 clicks, which amounts to a click rate des close zu 3% while generating an ext than 800 user reaction (Likes, Shares, Comments).

Facebook Sponsored post (Video):

The video campaign generated more than 1,000,000 video views within nur five days.Around 1/3 von the video views were driven by shares und comments von users. This shows the viral effect von the campaign und is a good indicator of the high user engagement.

The most regular interactions in the comments tun können be split into 3 groups:

1. Calls to friends the they should lastly visit Europa-Park again

2. Friends tagging various other friends an the comments

3. Posts von people who state that they had currently heard about ns video v friends (word-of-mouth).

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