Brienne Von Tarth Matthias Schweighöfer

Game of Thrones ist bringing an the big gun weil das Bran’s (Isaac Hempstead Wright) upcoming storyline.

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Veteran actorMax von Sydowhas joined die HBO fight as the mysterious Three-Eyed Raven, The hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Die character was tonnage seen bei the season 4 finale, when Bran und his pals met ns mysterious and powerful character, played in that episode byStruan Rodger.

That episode set up die Three Eyed Raven together a tutor zu Bran, who has occurred Warg powers, giving him the ability zu inhabit die bodies of animals.Bran’s storyline was sidelined zum season five, with fan speculating his story will pick nach oben after he has actually been under ns Three Eyed Raven’s tutelage for awhile.

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VonSydow’s an extensive screen resume dates rückseitig to 1949, with er earning Oscar nominations zum 1987’sPelle erobreren and 2011’s Extremely loud & extremely Close. He’s received two Golden globe nominations, including one for 1973’sThe Exorcist, in which that played die priestFather Merrin. Other roles incorporate 2002’sThe decimal Report and the upcomingStar Wars: episode VII – ns Force Awakens, which functions Game des ThronesGwendoline Christie (Brienne des Tarth).

VonSydow’s spreading follows that des Deadwood alumIan McShane, who zu sein playing a secret role.

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Entertainment Weekly erste reported the casting news.


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