Bugatti la voiture noir

Update: Bugatti ultimately released bild of the finished La Voiture Noire, which are embedded bei the collection below.

What"s got 16 cylinders, four turbochargers, 1,500 hp, 1,180 lb-ft of torque, and bei $18,905,235 preis tag? That guy, aka the one von one bugatti La Voiture Noire. Too rich for your blood? Well, don"t sweat the as ns car"s already been sold to a "Bugatti enthusiast" who is "fascinated" von the kind 57SC Atlantic Coupe.

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Previously, us reported that this one-off production cost the owner $12,500,000, but the mystery buyer in reality ended up paying virtually $19,000,000 ~ taxes. La Voiture Noire was built zu celebrate Bugatti"s 110-year anniversary, and also in in homage to ns second of the four kind 57SCs—the initial "la Voiture Noire," i m sorry literally translates to "the schwarz car"—driven by Jean bugatti himself and also some des his grand prix driver buddies. The car was hidden by bugatti before welt War II and has notfall been viewed since. Should that OG black beauty ever arise it would certainly be worth about $100,000,000! Speaking des big money, bugatti is declare that la Voiture Noire is, "the many expensive new car von all time." Well, i seem zu recall the Rolls-Royce Sweptail selling zum $13,000,000 a year or dafür ago. Und those three bugatti Zonda Barchetta"s were about $17,000,000 apiece. Deshalb yeah, near enough zu $19,000,000 provides The black Car the price champ.

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Visually, the Voiture Noire differs from die garden-variety Chiron von losing die latter"s big c shapes on the sides. Die nose ist quite a exit as well, though die look was previewed an a way von last year"s limited-run $5,800,000 Divo. The snout zu sein pointier, if not busier, v lots of wenig vents/louvers atop the frunk lid. Unable to do are die angry, square eyes, having been replaced von more insectoid-like LEDs. Like die Type 57SC that inspired it, la Voiture Noire has actually a main spine that runs nearly the entire length of the car, with the windshield wiper standing upright while hinweisen rest. Die rear of the new car is probably ns biggest departure style-wise from the Chiron, particularly those six, fat tailpipes. Why six? That"s how plenty of some von the Atlantics had. The light blue kind 57SC owned von Peter Mullin has 5 pipes. Ralph Lauren"s has six. Go figure.

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Curiously, bugatti claims that la Voiture Noire zu sein not a hyper sports vehicle like ns Chiron, but is instead jetzt a cool tourer. Perhaps, though if the luggage space is ausblüten limited to a medium-size purse und a pack von chewing gum, I"ll beg zu differ. Ich might so add that for nearly $19,000,000 I"d favor a little more stärke than some bozo bei a 1,500-hp Chiron. Perhaps that"s nur me. Still, in the era von more und more limit crash standards, a important coach-built car is a exorbitant thing. As The schwarz Car sits, the thing zu sein further evidence that jetzt more 보다 ever, it"s good to be filthy, stinking rich.

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This piece originally ran on march 5, 2019, und has been updated zu include photos des the production vehicle.



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