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Want kommen sie bullet journal on your digital devices? These clever apps kommen sie with all the right features zum keeping a cartridge Journal.

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You tun können use any type of note-taking anwendung to create a digital bullet Journal. But you oase a gewächs less work zu do if you anfang with bei app the has the right ingredients zum keeping a bullet Journal.

notfall sure where kommen sie find such bullet journal apps? anfang with ns ones listed below. We oase chosen them due to the fact that they lug a couple of key benefits. This apps:

Make fast logging painless have ready-made icons zum legends (task, event, note) or at least include tagging, labeling, and color-coding choices Give you a fast way kommen sie search v your tagebuch entries

Now, on zu those cartridge journal anwendung recommendations.

Trello"s cross-platform availability und its automation capabilities are a big plus if sie want zu set up bei electronic cartridge journal. You kann sein automate Trello kommen sie create boards (for modules) und cards (for dates) ~ above a schedule.

sie don"t need die Index module und page numbers, because the powerful search functions bei Trello do it easy kommen sie quickly uncover what freundin need.

desire a bird"s eye view of your tasks zum the month? You can get one if sie assign early dates to cards und then move to the monthly view of the Calendar PowerUp, one des the ideal Trello Power-Ups kommen sie add kommen sie your workflow. Color-coded labels kann work together bullets und signifiers to add context zu your journal entries.

go this switch from paper kommen sie Trello sound complex? It"s not, actually, together you"ll see bei our step-by-step guide kommen sie create a bullet Journal an Trello. The guide shows you how kommen sie bring every aspect of your paper journal to Trello. It also gives freundin a sample Monthly log board the you kann sein clone und add to your Trello account.

Trello is not ns only well-known note-taking app that kann sein take your tagebuch from analog kommen sie digital. Sie can also use Evernote for bullet journaling. If you"re a Mac user, freundin could usage Reminders, Calendar, or Notes together a bullet Journal. This macOS tagebuch apps can work, too.

Download: Trello (Free, Premium plan available)

2. NotePlan


NotePlan comes v a calendar, Markdown notes, und to-do lists. The Calendar view lets you seen the big picture like ns Monthly Log bei your paper tagebuch does.

wie you want kommen sie zoom bei on her entries weil das a specific day, switch to ns Notes view. Here, you tun können use a mix of tasks, lists, reminders, events, und general notes zu plan her days und reflect on them.

Thanks kommen sie color-coded to-dos,
tags und #tags, attached notes, und linked dates, it"s easy zu jump to the right entries in your journal anytime. You"ve got Dropbox und iCloud sync, too, deswegen you can keep your bullet tagebuch ready zu go on every your apple devices.

On ns whole, NotePlan doubles nach oben as die perfect cartridge journal und many of the app"s users use it as such.

Download: NotePlan for macOS ($30, trial version available)| iOS ($15)

Taskade Bullet tagebuch template

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It"s handy that you can use Taskade as a guest before signing up zum it. The anwendung lets sie add checklists, outlines, und notes kommen sie your bullet journal. You also get miscellaneous bullet formats zu choose from, which provides it easy zu match them nach oben with the bullets and signifiers an your journal.

The app has radikale formatting options und emoji as well. Zum scheduling her plans, Taskade provides you Due Date and Add zu Calendar options. Die latter feature lets you connect with google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar.

Attachments, templates, comments, tags, search---Taskade has got it all. It"s a versatile anwendung that lends itself zu all kinds des note-taking. We recommend starting off through Taskade"s Bullet tagebuch template zu save time setting trost your journal.

Download: Taskade (Free, $7/month premium arrangement available)

sie need to use die Bullet journal companion app along with, and not rather of, your analog bullet journal. That provides this straightforward mobile anwendung from die makers des Bullet journal the odd one out on this list. However it"s the perfect equipment if you"re notfall ready to let go of your paper tagebuch completely in favor von a digital one.

the companion app prompts you to reflect on your plans and notes through reminders double a day. (You tun können tweak the times von these reminders to suit yourself.) It so has a Library ar that lasst uns you find your old bullet journals.

If you"re away from her notebook, you can use the anwendung for logging und then migrate die entries kommen sie your notebook throughout your have fun time. You schutz a 72-hour window to move your entries from die app.

die Bullet tagebuch Companion consists of a set des guides that hülle every aspect des bullet journaling. It"s sure to appeal zu Bullet journal beginners und veterans alike. If sie like ns community aspect des Bullet Journal, you"ll appreciate ns compilation of posts from the official blog bei the app.

Download: ns Bullet journal Companion for iOS ($5), android ($5)

Dynalist zu sein one des the best and most popular bullet-based to-do perform apps. That comes through Markdown support, tags, early out dates, and internal links, amongst other features.

die app"s tree structure is great for handling your täglich Logs. Weil das bullets und signifiers, you can use either constant keyboard personalities or an ideal emoticons. Since Dynalist lasst uns you bookmark items, you get kommen sie keep her most necessary modules easily accessible punkt all times.

Dynalist"s demo version gives freundin a in-depth overview des how the app works. It"s die perfect experimentation ground kommen sie figure out if the apps can arbeiten as your bullet journal.

Download: Dynalist (Free, $10/month premium ausführung available)

an ext Apps for bei Online cartridge Journal

We oase lined nach oben a couple of extra options zum you zu work with, just an case die apps we oase listed above don"t appeal zu you:

A cartridge Journal is What sie Make of It

If you need a reliable system for in der nähe des note-taking, a cartridge Journal is up to die job. That gives freundin a great framework kommen sie begin with, but ist not so inflexible that sie can"t customize it.

for those von you who want zu keep your bullet tagebuch online, we schutz shown you apps that tun können make ns switch easy weil das you. Sie might also want zu consider these mobile note-taking apps to create bullet tagebuch spreads.

If it"s motivation you"re feather for, try these places kommen sie gather ideas weil das your bullet Journal. And if sie need a refresher in this note-taking an approach from time zu time, keep our Bullet journal cheat sheet handy!

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