Burn Out Test Online

Burnout occurs wie man passionate, committed people end up being deeply disillusioned v a arbeit or job from which they have previously derived viel of your identity and meaning. It comes as ns things that accumulate passion and enthusiasm space stripped away, and tedious or unpleasant sachen crowd in.

Du schaust: Burn out test online

This tool can help you check yourself zum burnout. That helps freundin look at die way freundin feel around your job and your experiences hinweisen work, deswegen that you tun können get a feel for whether you are punkt risk von burnout.

Checking Yourself for Burnout


For each question, click the radio button bei the column that most applies. Climate click the "Calculate mine Total" button to add up your score und check your an outcome using the scoring table underneath.

15 Statements zu Answer

notfall at all rarely occasionally frequently an extremely Often
1 ich feel operation down und drained von physical or emotional energy.
2 I oase negative thoughts about my job.
3 I am harder und less sympathetic with civilization than probably they deserve.
4 I bei der easily irritated by small problems, or von my co-workers and team.
5 i feel misunderstood or unappreciated by my co-workers.
6 ich feel that I oase no one to talk to.
7 ich feel the I am achieving less than i should.
8 ich feel under in unpleasant level of pressure to succeed.
9 ich feel that I am not obtaining what i want out of my job.
10 ich feel the I in in die wrong company or ns wrong profession.
11 I in frustrated through parts of my job.

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12 ich feel that business politics or bureaucracy frustrate mine ability to do a an excellent job.
13 i feel that there is more work to do than ich practically oase the ability to do.
14 ich feel that ich do not have time kommen sie do many of the jene that space important to doing a great quality job.
15 ich find that i do not have time to plan as much as ich would favor to.

Score Interpretation

Score Comment

No sign des burnout here.


Little sign von burnout here, uneven some factors are particularly severe.


Be cautious – freundin may be punkt risk des burnout, particularly if several noten are high.


You are hinweisen severe risk von burnout – carry out something about this urgently.


You are hinweisen very major risk des burnout – carry out something around this urgently

See our article on avoiding Burnout if freundin think sie might be punkt risk des it. Lakers our short article on Recovering From burnout if you think it might already schutz occurred.


This device uses in informal approach kommen sie assessing burnout. While it may be intuitively useful, the has not been validated through regulated scientific tests and must therefore notfall be supplied as a diagnostic technique. Please, therefore, interpret ns results with usual sense. Also, do allowances for any recent events that may schutz a disproportionate influence on her mood at ns time you take the test!

If freundin prefer rigorously validated tests, then the Maslach exhausted Inventory might be useful. This was developed by Christina Maslach, one des the top researchers in the field des burnout. Copies kann sein be purchased punkt this site.

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