Previously, when you migrated content from Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) khổng lồ Microsoft 365, a user could bring over their Mail, Calendar, and contact information.Bạn vẫn xem: sản xuất rule vào gmail

While this did help reduce friction for users getting used khổng lồ the new platform, it did not avoid the burden of re-creating all their thư điện tử organization rules in Outlook.

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Lớn address this, we have now added the capability to lớn migrate email filters khổng lồ Outlook rules as a part of the standard migration offering!With this feature you can now migrate Mail, Rules, Calendar and liên hệ data for all users và everyone is opted in by default.Here are some of the conversions we support:Gmail filter criteriaGmail filter CriteriaCriteria SyntaxOutlook Rule ConditionFrom:userdomain.comExcept it from people or public groupHas the words:cc:meWhere my name is in the CC boxword1 or word2With word1 or word2 in the subject or bodyDoesn’t have:Word1 or word2Except if the subject or body contains word1 or word2cc:meExcept where my email address is in the cc boxSubject:Word1 or word2With word1 or word2 in the subject!word1 và !word2Except if the subject contains word1 or word2word1 & !word2(With word1 in the subject) & (Except if the word2 contains B)!word2 và word1(Except if the subject contains word2) and (With word1 in the subject)Size:Greater than number unitWith a size in a specific rangeHas attachment:Which has an attachmentGmail filter actionGmail filter ActionOutlook Rule ActionSkip Inbox (Archive it)Move it to lớn the Archive folderMark as readMark it as readApply the labelMove a copy lớn the specific folderForward itForward it khổng lồ people or public groupDelete itDelete it (Move to Deleted Items folder)Always mark it as importantMark it as importantImportance: HighNever mark it as importantMark it as importantImportance: MediumConversions that are not supportedWe vày not currently tư vấn migrations of Categories from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.Additionally, if there are certain filters we are unable to lớn process & convert, we mark these as bad items. Và bad items from filters lớn rules migration bởi not negatively impact the DCS score of a job since that mechanism is more relevant for identifying data loss for the underlying data mix (like Mail, Calendar & Contacts).How to configure the featureBy default, the feature is enabled when you use New-MigrationBatch for Google Workspace migrations.

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If, however, you wish to disable the rule migration capability, you can vày so by specifying the –SkipRules parameter via PowerShell.In the screenshot below, you can see that there are now checkboxes for migrating gmail Filters (to Outlook Rules) – which is checked by default. Simply un-checking the checkbox for Rules will skip migrating those items. Currently you need to bởi this via the Classic Exchange Admin Center; this change will be incorporated into the Modern Exchange Admin Center in the future.

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Note: We vày not have a way to reset rules once migrated, as is the case for any other data like Mail, Calendar or Contacts.Try the feature out và give us feedback in the comments if the conversion was to lớn your liking và what improvements we can make in the future!The Exchange Migration team