How to enable or disable plugins in google chrome

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Google"s Chrome is a popular, secure, and powerful website browser. Part of the reason Chrome boasts more than 60 percent of the website browser market chia sẻ is its massive library of available extensions, also called plugins.

We"ve gathered a list of some of the most useful Chrome plugins available from the Chrome website store. Check them out và see which ones can make your life easier & more productive.

You can install free items from the Chrome web Store. For any paid plugins, apps, or extensions, you"ll need a Google Payments account.


Searching for và removing individual cookies is simple.

Provides detailed insights into cookie activity.

Since cookies are so crucial to online tracking, controlling them is essential. Edit This Cookie is a cookie manager that lets you add, delete, edit, search, protect, & block cookies. Its interface is easy to lớn use, but its options are powerful. Prevent domains from setting one type of cookie, but allow others. If you frequently switch browsers or computers, export your cookies lớn track your login status across all your favorite sites. 

Creates a quick tab-based to-do list.

Saves you from keeping tabs open in the background indefinitely.

Provides ultra-lightweight session-saving & restore.

Chrome takes up a lot of RAM, and the more tabs you have open, the more RAM Chrome needs. OneTab closes all your tabs immediately, condensing them into a page of links. These links then appear each time you xuất hiện a new tab, giving you the option of reopening the whole window or just a few tabs. Rather than keeping tabs mở cửa indefinitely, save them in OneTab for when you're ready khổng lồ use them. 

Reveals whether a hàng hóa is truly on sale, or if the retail price suddenly increased.

Provides purchasing insights that actually save money.

Amazon prices change constantly, and it's often hard lớn discern a product's actual retail price. The Camelizer shows you a product's historical pricing data via graphs of previous prices. While you're on an Amazon sản phẩm page, select the Camelizer icon. You'll get a pop-up box with Amazon price data drawn from the enormous and reliable database at

When Google took away the View Image ability in Google Image tìm kiếm results, many website users were disappointed. This simple plugin reimplements the Google Images "View Image" & "Search by Image" buttons, & they work exactly as they did before Google removed them.

Adds new functionality to lớn YouTube.

Reduces some YouTube annoyances.

Many dark mode themes khổng lồ suit your tastes.

Among the many apps that spruce up YouTube, this is our favorite. Enhancer for YouTube includes a slew of options for theming and functionality. There are more than a dozen selectable dark-mode themes, ads are blocked automatically, & videos can be maximized within a browser window, filling the whole screen without going into full-screen mode. Once you get used to lớn Enhancer for YouTube's perks, regular YouTube will feel archaic.

Provides instantaneous updates when new mail arrives.

Eliminates the need for a persistent tin nhắn tab.

No visual customization options available.

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Icon badges can be dismissed only by opening unread emails.

Gmail inboxes can fill up quickly, leaving users feeling overwhelmed. Checker Plus places an icon in your toolbar that automatically updates when new email messages arrive. Select the icon, and you"ll get a short preview of the message. Select the message, and it opens within the extension. In fact, you can vì almost all e-mail reading from within Checker. You"ll need to open the primary tin nhắn browser interface only when it"s time khổng lồ compose a message.

Provides the greatest control over your web browsing experience.

Deep customization options for those willing khổng lồ explore.

Requires knowledge of CSS lớn create custom themes.

Themes break regularly as websites và browsers are updated.

Theming website pages with CSS isn"t exactly common anymore, but it should be. Using the Stylus Chrome plugin, change how websites display by adding your own styling code on vị trí cao nhất of them. This allows users khổng lồ hide annoyances, change colors, or replace text. Stylus is also an awesome tool for the recent dark-mode interface trend. Once you have Stylus installed, check out khổng lồ see the biggest collection of userstyles online.

Chrome doesn't have a built-in reader mode, lượt thích Firefox & Safari, but fortunately, Mercury Reader is an excellent add-on tool. Mercury Reader instantly clears away the clutter from all of your articles, removing ads & distractions, leaving only text và images for a clean và consistent reading view on every website.

Saves battery & memory space.

Speeds up browsing by automatically shelving unimportant tabs for later.

If you're running Chrome on an under-provisioned computer, you might have a hard time with an excessive number of tabs. The Great Suspender helps by suspending tabs, keeping the tab alive in the interface, but temporarily unloading it. When you visit the tab again, you can "unsuspend" it and reload the page.

Chrome doesn't come with an Alt+Tab-style tab switcher, making it harder khổng lồ toggle between tabs when working in the browser. Recent Tabs is great for Chrome-based multitaskers, letting you set a keyboard shortcut that flips between your current tab and the last tab you had open. It's a lifesaver.

Practiced users can move through pages at lightning speeds.

Great for users who don't lượt thích the mouse.

If you feel lượt thích your mouse is holding you back, Vimium can replace all browser navigation with keyboard shortcuts. Select links, scroll, và perform all your tasks with just the keyboard. It takes a little while khổng lồ get a handle on all the keyboard shortcuts, but if you want khổng lồ leave your mouse behind, this is the plugin for you.

The only functional find-and-replace utility available in Chrome.

Removes the need to lớn compose text outside Chrome.

If you write long-form text on the web, you probably use some kind of content-management system that probably doesn"t have a find-and-replace feature. The Find và Replace Chrome plugin steps in nicely, allowing you lớn experience Microsoft Word-style find-and-replace functionality within the browser.

Fill your new tab page with a beautiful satellite image drawn from Google Earth. This new tab page extension doesn"t slow down your browser with unnecessary functionality, such as a calendar, clock, or to-do list, but it still provides a better visual experience than a blank page. The images are hand-selected, so they"ll always be high-quality. The Earth is a beautiful place, so see more of it with Earth View.