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In this guide, we are going lớn learn how to lớn install và thiết đặt Chrome Remote Desktop on Ubuntu đôi mươi.04. Google Chrome Remote Desktop allows users to remotely access and control another computer over the Internet through a protocol called Chromoting on Google Chrome browsers.

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Install và Setup Chrome Remote Desktop on Ubuntu 20.04

Install Google Chrome Browser on Ubuntu trăng tròn.04

To be able khổng lồ use Chrome Remote Desktop, you need lớn have Google browsers, Chromium or Google Chrome. Follow the guide below lớn learn how to install Chrome Browser on Ubuntu 20.04 if you don’t have it installed yet.Install Google Chrome Browser on Ubuntu 20.04

Sign in Google Account

Before you can begin to thiết lập Chrome Remote Desktop on Ubuntu đôi mươi.04 login lớn your Google account on your browser using your email trương mục.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

Next, you navigate lớn Chrome extensions page and tìm kiếm for Chrome remote desktop.

Cliông chồng Add lớn Chrome to install the extension.After the installation, you should be able lớn see the Chrome remote desktop inhỏ just beside your tìm kiếm address bar on the right.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop Package

Next, install Chrome remote desktop package which provides the required host components;wget -P /tmpapt install /tmp/chrome-remote-desktop_current_amd64.debYou can as well navigate to lớn the download thư mục, /tmp, in this case, & run the command;cd /tmpapt install ./chrome-remote-desktop_current_amd64.deb

Enable Remote Desktop Connections

To allow remote access to lớn your Ubuntu đôi mươi.04 via Chrome remote desktop tool, you need khổng lồ enable this by opening the Chrome remote desktop extension or just using the remote desktop access address, và clicking TURN ON as shown in the screenshot below;

If you bởi vì not see the TURN ON button, simply create the Chrome remote desktop configuration directory on your trang chủ directory;mkdir ~/.config/chrome-remote-desktopOnce you create the directory, reload the access URL above.Next, enter the name of your system;


Once you set the PIN, click START lớn run Chrome Remote Desktop.If prompted for authentication to lớn run Chrome remote desktop, authenticate & proceed.

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Chrome Remote Desktop is now up & running on your Ubuntu đôi mươi.04.

Accessing Ubuntu 20.04 through Chrome Remote Desktop

To be able lớn access your Ubuntu 20.04 remotely via Chrome remote desktop, you need khổng lồ have Chrome remote desktop installed on that system and signed inkhổng lồ Google account using the same tin nhắn address.For example, in our kiểm tra, Ubuntu trăng tròn.04 is our remote desktop to be accessed from an Ubuntu 16.04 desktop system. Since both systems have sầu the tool installed & signed in using the same gmail id, then, we should be able lớn see our remote desktop, Ubuntu 20.04 in this case, right on Remote Access page.
Click on the name of your computer lớn access it.Enter your login PIN to proceed lớn your remote desktop.If prompted lớn select the session to launch in your remote Chrome Remote Desktop session, select the default option và proceed.In this thiết lập, I used LXDE. I tried the default Ubuntu Gnome but i ended up with blaông xã screen. Hence, why i resorted khổng lồ using LXDE.
If you want to lớn use LXDE, simply install on the remote system by running the comm& below;sudo apt install lxdeLXDE remote desktop.
You have sầu successfully connected lớn your Ubuntu 20.04 desktop via Chrome Remote Desktop tool.That brings us khổng lồ the end of our guide on how to install & & setup Chrome Remote Desktop on Ubuntu đôi mươi.04. Enjoy.Are you looking for IT system administration jobs? Please kiểm tra them here.

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