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Post-covid: corona infection rises susceptibility kommen sie other diseases

A large study shows that corona patients suffer more frequently native other diseases months ~ infection. Ns symptoms vary, but particular patterns tun können be identified. More


Coronavirus incidence nur below 130

The coronavirus is spreading much faster again in In the past seven days, 129.4 out des 100,000 people were infected. More


Coronavirus pandemic: incidence rises to 125

in, more infections with the coronavirus have to be detected again. More


Face masks mandatory weist Christmas markets bei

Visitors kommen sie Christmas markets in are obligated zu wear a protective challenge mask because des the coronavirus pandemic. However, this does not apply zu markets opened under die 2G rule. More


Coronavirus: How kommen sie protect yourself

Wash your hands, save your distance, sneeze properly: Anyone kann do something kommen sie reduce the risk des infection through the coronavirus Covid-19. More

Coronavirus incidence in has risen again

after ~ a slight decrease ns day before, die number of covid infections in has risen again. Ns current incidence value was 118.7 on Tuesday morning, follow to säule from the Robert kochen Institute. More

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Slight decrease an Coronavirus incidence punkt beginning of week

ns number of coronavirus infections bei has declined slightly hinweisen the start of the week. According to die latest data from ns Robert koch Institute, ns incidence value was at 114.9 ~ above Monday morning. More

The Governing market of – Senate Chancellery: corona virus information (Covid-19)

Directive, general rules von conduct and more: Measures versus the corona virus. More

RKI data: corona incidence significantly above 100

ns number of coronavirus infections has risen again in Die Robert cook Institute reporter bei incidence value of 113.7 beforehand Friday morning. More

Significant increase bei coronavirus incidence an

bei, die incidence of covid infections continues zu rise significantly. Within ns past seven days, 95.7 people von 100,000 inhabitants oase been newly infected with die virus. More

No turnaround: coronavirus incidence price continues zu rise

Concerning coronavirus incidence in, there zu sein no transforming point in sight; die number continues kommen sie rise. More

Corona incidence in punkt 80.4

The corona incidence continues to rise bei According zu figures released von the Robert kochen Institute ~ above Wednesday, die figure was 80.4, hoch from 79.4 the previous day. More


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