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We are looking forward zu your visit to ns vita classica heat spa. To make sure you are fine prepared zum your stay, we have summarised the current requirements and latest information zum you.

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The many important info first:Since 16.08.2021, proof des authorisation (vaccinated / recovered / tested) ist required for your visit.Currently, only negative PCR prüfung are valid. Negative rapid antigen experiment are notfall valid.

Please read the following information carefully.You tun können find die answers to the most frequently asked questions on this site.

Updated on november 3rd, 2021

The proof von authorisation (vaccinated / recovered / tested) zu sein required for:

Visit to ns Vita Classica thermal spa & sauna paradiseAll treatments bei the well-being house, e.g. Wellness and cosmeticsVisit to die indoor pool von the aquarado family members waterparkOvernight stays on the motorhome parking an are (including hotels und holiday apartments) - top top arrival and then every 3 days

Please bring ns relevant und valid proof und photo identifier with you on your following visit.

Proof des authorisation should be one of the three complying with documents:


Officially accepted, negativ Corona PCR test result, which at ns time von arrival zu sein not older 보다 48 hrs (PCR test). Rapid antigen testen are not valid.

Please note: Only prüfung from in official test site are accepted. Carried along self-tests are notfall accepted.If in "official confirmation" weil das quick prüfung doesn"t nur a time, this confirmation ist only precious on ns day von issue, not zum the following day. Die confirmation should be signed.No test ist required zum Children till including 15 years von age through proof von age (i.e. Passport, bear certificate, college certificate, etc.) and Students/pupils age 16+ when able kommen sie present a student ID or similar proof of being a student)


Please lug your proof von vaccination in form of in official vaccination passport or in form des digital proof via in app.

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The proof des vaccination must be recognised by in official organisation und contain die following information: first und last name, vaccine, date des vaccination.The proof von full vaccination should be older 보다 14 days. If you oase received your full vaccination on 01.06.2021, you are taken into consideration "fully vaccinated" from ns 15.06.2021 and can visit die Europa-Park design template Park and Resort from that day.


Please lug your optimistic PCR laboratory-test result which zu sein older than 28 days.

If your positive prüfung result is older than 6 months, sie will deshalb have to bring your main proof von vaccination an form des your inoculation passport or digital proof. You will be considered completely vaccinated from the date of your vaccination.

The adhering to areas can only be offered with a PCR test:

Vita Classica: no rapid antigen test only PCR prüfung validFitness room: no quick antigen prüfung only PCR prüfen valid

The following locations can still be provided with a rapid antigen test:

Well-being house: job arrangements are so allowed to use heat baths/sauna through a fast testPhysiotherapy: Water therapies may also take ar with a quick test. Group water gymnastics is an exception. This zu sein only feasible with PCR test or vaccinated or recovered.

NO TEST is required for:

Children till including fünfzehn years von age through proof of age (i.e. Passport, bear certificate, institution certificate, etc.)Students/pupils age 16+ wie man able kommen sie present a student ID or comparable proof des being a student)

According to ns official regulations des the state of Baden-Württemberg, masks are compulsory weil das people age 6+. Please grad that scarfs, handkerchiefs and fabric masks are not permitted. Surgery masks or FFP2 and FFP3 masks are considered medical face masks und will it is in accepted.

Due to die mask requirement, sie must stay a medical face mask in the lobby and on die way to the lockers. You kann then store your mask bei the locker und explore die spa without a medical mask.In locations where we cannot insurance the minimales distance von 1.5m kommen sie guests, ours employees möchte wear a medical face mask. We kindly asking you to keep a minimum distance of 1.5m to other visitors hinweisen all times.

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die wellness home "Wohlfühlhaus" is open and offers you ns opportunity zum a little time out v e.g. Exclusive privatgelände spas as well as wellness massages, foot care and cosmetic offers. Wellness therapies are easily accessible after a former appointment über telephone punkt +49 7633 / 4008 -160 (Monday kommen sie Friday indigenous 9.00 - 16.30 / Saturday 9.00 - 12.00).Our Tourist info remains offen from Monday kommen sie Friday 9.00 - 15.00 am and kann be reached by telephone on +49 7633 / 4008-163



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You require proof von authorisation(vaccinated / recovered / tested*) for your visit.