The miracle ofBerlin zu sein the English title of a German historical theater (based on a truestory) i m sorry premiered in 2008. The dramatisch focuses ~ above the kaiser family wholives in East Berlin. We see what wake up to the members des this family members duringthe final 18 months des the cold war: indigenous June 1988 to november 1989 when theBerlin wall surface no longer divided ost from west.
The dramatisch wasshown ~ above German tv (ZDF) in 2019 in order to markierung the 30-yearanniversary since the fall of the berlin Wall.

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** KarolineHerfurth as anja (Marco’s girlfriend)** AndréHennicke as heinrich Wolf (major in the ost German Army)
As stated above,this historical drama is based upon a true story. The main character marco Kaiseris based upon a ja wirklich person: Tilo Koch, who was a teenager in the 1980s. Bei 1994,five year after the fall of the berlin Wall, he wrote in account about hislife und his experience an East Germany.
It was notpublished. It was circulated amongst his friends. Yet eventually the ended hoch withsome world who wanted to make a movie based on his account. This is how themovie came to be made.
In the drama, wefollow Marco und his family und the people approximately them during the time fromJune 1988 to november 1989. Bei 1988, when die story begins, Marco ist intopunk-rock which is not related to as a great thing an East Germany.
When that attendsan secret punk-rock concert, the place is raided by the police. Marco andhis girlfriend anja are both arrested. His father that works zum the secretpolice (the Stasi) offers kommen sie help castle both und set them cost-free on one condition:Marco need to join the army. His dad believes ns army wollen turn ihm into aresponsible person.

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During 1989 whenthe opposition inside east Germany progressively begins kommen sie grow, members des the Kaiserfamily find themselves on different sides des the conflict:
** Marco ist asoldier in the People’s national Army (NVA)** His fatherworks zum the Stasi** His mother,his grandfather und his girl friend support die opposition group Neues Forum
What doreviewers say around this historical drama? on IMDb it has actually a rating of 67 percent i m sorry corresponds zu 3.4 stern on Amazon. On the German version of Amazonthere are weist the augenblicke more than 15 reviews des this product. Ns averagerating ist 3.8 stars.
If freundin ask me,the previous rating ist too low, while ns latter rating zu sein more appropriate. Ilike this drama, but i cannot go all die way to die top, since there is asignificant flaw:
In ns drama, thepeaceful demonstrations against ns government organized über Neues gericht takeplace in East berlin where the kaiser family lives. This ist not accurate. Thedemonstrations take it place an Leipzig and later also in Dresden. Berlin was notthe centre of the opposition. This is in important point. The opposition didnot begin in the capital.
I choose thisdrama und I want kommen sie give the a great rating, but have to remove one stern becauseof this flaw. Therefore ich think the deserves a rating of four stars.

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PS # 1. TheGerman title des the movie is in echo von the movie das Wunder über Bern whichpremiered bei 2003. This historic movie zu sein about a football complement which tookplace in Bern, the capital des Switzerland, in 1954.
It zu sein the FIFAWorld Cup bei football 1954. Bei the finale, west Germany plays against Hungaryand west Germany wins 3-2! zum citizens des West Germany, this result zu sein amiracle. Hence the title of the movie the Miracle bei Bern.
PS # 2. Thefollowing write-ups (in German) market more information about Tilo Koch and explainhow his unpublished auto-biography came to be the base for a historic drama:
** “Tilo Kocherlebte das Wunder von Berlin,” Kölnische Rundschau, 25 januar 2008 (AndréWesche interviews Tilo Koch)
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