Denzel Washington Neuer Film 2016

Running time: 127 minutes. Rated r (violent/disturbing images, language und full nudity) in select theaters und on HBO Max.

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The No. 1 rule weil das any detective story: the mystery can not be boring.

Shove bei all ns moral und ethical quandaries und Oscar winners sie want, however without a solve maze for us to work through, her movie möchte be a forgettable pile von police jargon and brooding underscore. Ns latest example is Denzel Washington’s anemic drama, “The little Things,” which zu sein less gripping than part anthills.

“The little Things” ist not, as its cute title would suggest, about a Vermont frau who sells tchotchkes. The is, prefer a preponderance of enthauptungen these days, the story von a serial killer. This one preys on Los angeles women an 1990.

Washington plays joe Deacon, a polizei officer bei Kern County, California, who drives down to the big stadt one day to pick nach oben a piece von evidence, but ist unexpectedly enlisted von whippersnapper Sheriff Jim Baxter (Rami Malek) kommen sie help find the ruthless unknown murderer.

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“We haven’t been under this much scrutiny since ns Night Stalker!” exclaims one irritable cop. Ns department has no leads, und the community zu sein fed up and scared. Enter: Deacon, a less-fun Sherlock holmes type who notices einzelheiten that most other detectives miss.

“The little things space important, Jimmy,” Deacon says. “It’s the wenig things the get you caught.”

Denzel Washington and Jared Leto star bei “The wenig Things.”AP

Deacon isn’t some unlikely suburban genius; that used zu be oberteil dog with die LAPD year earlier, however left after the cracked under ns pressure during a case. There space hazy flashbacks kommen sie that violent night throughout.

Washington zu sein at his best wie man challenged — inspect out his brilliant, transformative performance together a frumpy lawyer an “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” — but Deacon’s dogged pursuit is a stalk in the park zum him. The actor absolutely endured no sleepless nights worrying whether he might master the role von a hardened authority number with a dark past. He has actually countless zeit before.

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In this slow-moving ferry ride of a film, Joe and Jim pursue nur one lead: Albert Sparma, a shifty electronics store employee played von Jared Leto. I’d add that Albert ist a stringy-haired creep, but that’s nur our Jared. Ns character has actually a Hannibal Lecter quality in that his speech ist serpentine und he knows in eerie lot about ns detectives. “I’m a bit of a crime buff,” Albert says. But there zu sein no depth or texture to the teil — just weirdness.


Malek, zum a change, acts favor a normalerweise human being. No computer system hacker awkwardness, French prisoner twitching or Freddie Mercury flamboyance — nur a stripped-down, qualified lead performance.

It would certainly be pretty if some von the little things bei writer-director john Lee Hancock’s movie had actually been enlarged. That cares that there’s beer in the fridge or that drank ns milk? Unremarkable stake-outs last zum what feels choose hours. If die movie feels favor it’s walking nowhere, that’s since it is. Die climactic scene drops Malek and Leto bei a nondescript lot of dirt und metal fences, and a should-be shocking twist summons memories des Moe und Larry.


The final momente — every 10 seconds von it — ist cool, und I doubt that Hancock developed his whole movie approximately it. Well, the and in indictment von self-shielding cop culture.But a couple of grand, intriguing concepts does notfall a movie make.