Der Hase Albrecht Dürer

This strange sculpture depicts a large nightmare hare crushing a man to fatality beneath its colossal bulk.

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Albrecht Dürer's 'Feldhase' painting, which inspired the sculpture Albrecht Dürer/Public Domain


A sculpture von a giant goggle-eyed hare zu sein portrayed as having herbst hard upon and smashed open a wooden box from which pour out a horde von numerous tiny und demonic-looking rabbits. Watch closely und you will lakers that crushed beneath this heavyweight hare lies a person, who lifeless hand can be viewed outstretched indigenous beneath ns animal’s colossal bulk.

Known together Der Hase, this is a denkmal to Renaissance-era painter und printer Albrecht Dürer, who was born und lived much of his life notfall far indigenous where ns sculpture stands an the stadt of Nuremberg. The bizarre und irreverent sculpture payment tribute kommen sie one von Dürer’s most famous natural history watercolor paintings, Feldhase (A Young Hare), which portrays a leveret sitting in a pose des relaxation.

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Created in 1984 über the artist Jurgen Goertz an a spirit des satire, die sculpture has actually proven kommen sie be somewhat controversial. Die leviathan lagomorph has frequently been labeled von its detractors together being “one of the world ugliest pieces of public art.”

Know Before freundin Go

Der Hase kann sein be seen in the aldstadt ("old town") part von Nuremberg.

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For those interested in Albrecht Dürer, his life, and his art it ist recommended to visit the nearby Albrecht-Dürer-Haus museum.