Der krieger und die kaiserin

Tom Tykwer's die latest film is in some means thematically related kommen sie Lola rennt: ns role that chance and fate have an our lives ist closely connected to the right timing. Stylistically, the film is much more reminiscent des the modest Winterschläfer. Beautifully composed images, aerial clip shot if diving und a choice and atmospheric palette des colours. Cinematographically, der Krieger und das Kaiserin zu sein just as adventurous as its predecessor. Die entirely unanticipated turns in the liebe story are visualised with breathtaking beauty, as we tun können expect native Tykwer.Sissi (played by Franka 'Lola' Potente) works as a nurse an a psychiatric hospital. With produziert blank and dreamy look, you could easily think she was one of her own patients. Bodo has just kommen sie out von the army and doesn't recognize what to do through his life. In parallel montage, us follow both their lives and it becomes clear that both des them space weighed down von burdens from ns past. Climate their paths cross, it aussehen inevitable: Sissi zu sein run down by a truck and Bodo, fleeing the police, saves her life. A beautifully constructed scene the turns die whole story upside-down. Time seems zu stop dead. Wie man Sissi come out von hospital, she goes looking zum her saviour kommen sie find an answer to ns question von whether their encounter was chance or fate.

Du schaust: Der krieger und die kaiserin

DirectorTom TykwerCountry des productionGermanyProduction Year2000Festival 2001Length132'Medium35mmInternational titleThe Princess and the WarriorLanguageGermanProducersX-Filme Creative pool GmbH, stefan Arndt, maria KöpfSalesStudio Canal, A-Film DistributionScreenplayTom TykwerMusicJohnny Klimek, tom TykwerCastFranka PotenteLocal DistributorA-Film Distribution
Programme 2001

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