Der Mann Im Grauen Flanell

Köln: DuMont Verlag, 2013.

Du schaust: Der mann im grauen flanell

1. Auflage. Ende dem amerikanischen Englisch von Eike Schönfeld. Mit ein Nachwort von Jonathan Franzen. Hardcoverausgabe mit Schutzumschlag, 445 Seiten. Gutes Exemplar.
* of your decision to revoke this contract by means von a clear declaration (e.g. A letter sent über post, fax or email). You tun können use the enclosed specimen revocation form for this, i beg your pardon however is not mandatory. An order kommen sie safeguard ns revocation period, it is sufficient that you send the notification about the exercise von the revocation appropriate before the expiry of the revocation period.

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Consequences von the revocation If sie revoke this contract, us shall repay all the payments, i m sorry we got from you, including die delivery prices (with ns exception of additional costs, which arise indigenous that reality that freundin selected a form of delivery other than die most reasonable standard distribution offered by us), immediately and at ns latest within fourteen work from ns day on which we received ns notification about ns revocation des this contract from you. We use the same means des payment, which freundin had originally supplied during die original transaction, weil das this repayment unless specifically agreed otherwise with you; freundin will not be charged any type of fees owing to this repayment. We tun können refuse ns repayment until die products are returned zu us or until you oase furnished evidence that you schutz sent the products zurück to us, depending on whichever is earlier. You must return or lieferung the products kommen sie us instantly and, an any case, at the latest in ~ fourteen job with effect from ns day top top which freundin inform us of the revocation of this contract. The deadline is maintained if you send ns products before ns expiry von the fourteen-day deadline. Sie bear die direct costs zum returning the products. You must pay zum any depreciation von the commodities only if this depreciation kann sein be attributed zu any managing with sie that was not necessary zum checking die condition, features and functionality von the products. Criteria for exclusion or expiry the revocation right ist not available for contracts weil das delivery of products, i m sorry are not prefabricated and for who manufacturing in individual an option or stipulation über the consumer zu sein important or which are clearly tailored kommen sie the personal requirements of the consumer; weil das delivery von products, which kann sein spoil conveniently or whose use-by day would be surpassed quickly; zum delivery of alcoholic drinks, whose price was i agreeed at die time of concluding die contract, which however kann sein be yielded 30 job after ns conclusion des the contract at ns earliest and whose current value depends on die fluctuations an the market, on which the entrepreneur has no influence; zum delivery des newspapers, periodicals or magazines with die exception von subscription contracts.

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The revocation best expires prematurely an case von contracts weil das delivery of sealed products, i beg your pardon are notfall suitable zum return weil das reasons des health defense or restroom if their siegel has been eliminated after die delivery; zum delivery von products if they schutz been blended inseparably through other items after ns delivery, owing to their condition; zum delivery von sound or video recording or computer software in a sealed package if the seal has been removed after the delivery. _________________________________________________________________________________ Specimen - revocation form (If freundin wish to revoke the contract, you re welcome fill up this form und send it rückseitig to us.) - to Antiquariat Weber GbR, Kronsnest 13, 25335 Neuendorf, Germany, fax number: 0049412121681, e-mails address: weber