the second generation of the Renault Kadjar SUV will be officially unveiled in spring 2022, then wollen arrive bei dealerships an the summer. But do not wait any type of longer kommen sie discover its final lines: you oase them right now bei front of you durch nos illustrations exclusives !

Kadjar 2: die hour von revenge has kommen sie

The stern of the new Renault Kadjar ist inspired von that von its wenig brother Renault Captur when its floating roof und tilted tailgate are modeled on the Peugeot 3008.

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ende of ns soft shapes and soft lines des its predecessor who skin had to stick as very closely as possible to that von the Nissan Qashqai 2. In aesthetic connection which was so reflected in the glazing, identical zum the two vehicles. No, the dress des the new Kadjar (internal code HHN) does not go all the way, it takes over a big part of the Peugeot 3008 recipe : straff lines und sharp edges. Luca de Meo, the new boss des Renault does notfall hide it, he intends zu be inspired von the der bestseller of ns Lion zu make the neu Kadjar a “cash machine”.

die Renault Kadjar 2 will notfall be content to mimic die inclined 4 minutes 1 panel und the floating roof of its competitor or its scorses ribs capping ns wings. Indeed, it sports punkt its end the cosmetics gimmicks of the latest achievements des the diamond brand. Die stern evokes, with in additional traditional – characterized von a light piece – that des its wenig brother Renault Captur 2 at the level des the hook-shaped lights. Klasse that the latter invest bei the reduced part von the tailgate which stretches die lines und sits ns car. Nur below, the model is inspired über the Renault Talisman Estate. As you will have understood, bei the absence des crazy originality, ns Kadjar 2 relies on ns consistency von the range, reassuring weil das the customer.


Take a good look at the yellow mandibles of the Mégane E-Tech Electric, the new Kadjar takes them on its own at die corners des its former bumper.

As zum the bow of this new Kadjar, its side scoops in the shield offer it a family members resemblance with a newcomer bei the SUV range. Die resemblance weist this level with ns future Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric, expected in early 2022 ist striking. It wollen indeed it is in a Mégane des a neu kind, leaving die world von compact sedans to invest the more promise one of leisure vehicles.

Un habitacle high-tech

The new MyLink multimedia system ist developed v Google.

If die exterior will be neat und give off a much better perceived high quality than on the current model, the neu opus wollen dazzle the interior with “High modern technology on board” states Gilles Vidal. Like die Megane E-Tech Electric, the dashboard wollen be distinguished von a huge digital screen in one item and bei the form of in L, group together die instrumentation und the touch screen. Die latter möchte integrate the new MyLink multimedia system developed jointly v Google. A move upmarket i beg your pardon will also be reflected in the quality von the materials.

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Gilles Vidal: Renault’s new asset?

zum Kadjar 2, die target zu shoot down wollen be, initially, the 2nd generation Peugeot 3008. A modell at the ende of that life who, however, has actually not herbst asleep ~ above its laurels. As proof, his mid-career restyling (January 2021) was really spectacular. We had actually never watched such a change of muzzle on a Peugeot. A significant change, necessary to counter die wishes of newcomers.


since summer 2020, Gilles Vidal has been ns boss des Renault style.

Then, the Renault will oase to fight particularly with the third version von the Peugeot 3008, which it wollen face indigenous the end of 2023. Project which carries ns internal code P64 und which Gilles Vidal, the new director of Renault style, knows very well. Und for an excellent reason, he self supervised die gestation wie man he was at the helm at Peugeot. But zu sein knowing the secrets von the competition really an asset? notfall sure. On die one hand, Gilles Vidal did not schutz his hand on this Renault Kadjar 2 finalized before his arrival weist his neu employer. On the other hand, his successor at ns head des the style of the Lion brand, matthias Hossann was instructed kommen sie revamp the entwurf of die projects born under his reign. Suddenly, Peugeot keeps a couple of cards in hand und could, when again, advantage from a surprise effect.

A brand new 1.2 TCe petrol engine

occurred on the CMF-C platform von the new Nissan Qashqai, die Kadjar will deshalb share ns Japanese engines and transmissions. The present 1.3 TCe mild-hybrid 12V möchte be available an 140 (BVM6 and CVT) und 160 (CVT und CVT 4×4). The diamond SUV will, however, have the privilege of offering rear wheel steering. As die range zu sein deprived of diesel, Renault will rely ~ above E-Tech hybride technology. In this case, it wollen be ns “Large” ausführung combining the neu three-cylinder 1.2 TCe (HR12) and bei advanced transmission kommen sie offer 200 hp bei hybrid. If Renault had initially planned to use the plug-in hybride from Mitsubishi, it has actually revised the copy hinweisen the ende of 2020 since ns Outlander will not arrive in Europe. Consequently, die engineers took out ns heat blue kommen sie develop a house system which möchte develop 280 hp thanks to the fasst of in electric an equipment on die rear axle, offering an the process a 4×4 transmission. Except that it is not meant until 2024. Throughout its lifetime, ns 1.3 TCe mild-hybrid 12V möchte be replaced by the 1.2 TCe mild-hybrid 48V.

Kadjar: a family in the making

Like the Peugeot 3008 und 5008, in the future, the Kadjar and Koleos will become a common muzzle.

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an order zu put all the chances ~ above its side, ns Renault Kadjar will notfall focus only on the Peugeot 3008. It will cast a broader net with the help ofa 7-seater variant (known inside under the code RHN) which will also take up, von its format, ns torch des the “statutory” Koleos. A “great” Kadjar who, an 2023, möchte target die Peugeot 5008 und above all wollen allow Renault to appeal to large families. Finally, in 2024, the Kadjar family möchte be attract a Coupe SUV variant (internally called DHN). It wollen then be the sportiest und most powerful model of ns bunch.

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