Der teppich von bayeux

Breaking news! It is now possible to freely explore online the whole Bayeux Tapestry scene von scene through a never ever seen top quality of bild on Bayeux Museum website...

Du schaust: Der teppich von bayeux


Now access kommen sie museums zu sein subject to ns presentation des a health and wellness certificate weil das all tourists from the age of 12


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Since the announcement des the ultimate loan of the Bayeux Tapestry to die UK, the museum confirms the visitors can see the embroidery in Bayeux still for few years....

ns Bayeux Tapestry, a unique artefact created in the 11th century

Step into die engrossing story of the conquest von England von William, Duke von Normandy in 1066, told bei a 70 meters lang embroidery. With a visit to ns museum, you kann discover the complete Bayeux Tapestry, examine it close nach oben without bring about damage zu it, und understand that is history and how it was created many thanks to an audio-guide comment available in 16 languages. A commentary weil das children is so available in French und English. A long-term exhibition top top the erste floor and a film will enrich her visit.


Discover the Bayeux Tapestry

the story of the 11th century occupation of england told bei embroidery….

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The history des the Bayeux Tapestry

From ns Duchy von Normandy to die present day, uncover out about die Bayeux Tapestry’s perilous story!

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