E-coupons space vouchers that give you a discount. You tun können redeem them wie you want zu purchase miscellaneous such together a digital train ticket. We worry these vouchers during our advancement campaigns. Read our instructions to find out just how you tun können redeem them.

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Search zum a connectionEnter her date/s von travel in the verwandt, angemessen boxes. Climate click "Search".The website shows a list of connections. Select ns one that suits you best. If you want to book a return journey at die same time, click "Choose return trip" zu enter ns date you want. Climate click "Add".Log inLog in with your My account einzelheiten or sign up zum a client account. Only people who have logged an can redeem vouchers.You kann sein now deshalb perform action such as reserving a chair or purchase a ticket zum someone else.Use ns "Ticket weil das another person" option if freundin want to buy a ticket for another traveller. Usage their personal einzelheiten for die rest von the booking process. The system will usage your payment details, dafür you do notfall need zu change them.Select die payment methodPlease select die payment method sie want kommen sie use. Make certain your account is authorised zum direct debits if you want kommen sie use this option.Enter ns e-coupon's codeSelect "Voucher" in the section "Anything rather we must consider?"A box opens. Go into your 8-digit password here. Wie you schutz entered ns number, click "Apply".Conclude bookingThe ticket price ist deducted from the value des the voucher. Check your entries und confirm your booking.

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Log inLog bei with her My account einzelheiten or authorize up weil das a client account. Only people who schutz logged in can redeem vouchers.Search for connectionUse the app to look weil das a connection and then select your train by clicking "To market selection" under the one the suits you best. If freundin want to book a return trip at ns same time, click "Add return trip". When you are ready, click "Ticket/Reservation".Tick boxWhen you get kommen sie "Check booking data", tick the kasten beside "Redeem e-coupons or vouchers". Climate click "Continue".Enter voucher codeOur system now asks you to select her payment method. Scroll down till you see "e-coupon". Enter die 8-digit code on your e-coupon.Conclude bookingOur system checks the e-coupons's validity and then offers its value to complete die purchasing process. Examine your entries and confirm her booking.

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E-coupons can only it is in used for buying online tickets und during ns indicated time period.Please klasse the minimum order value.You must log in to use eCoupons, und they space non-transferrable.E-coupons cannot be used zum ordering a oered.orgBonus reward.No exchange, refunds or cash payments. E-coupons expire if unused.If you use an e-coupons zu pay weil das your ticket either bei part or an full, this sum ist excluded from the ticket"s value in the event des cancellation.E-coupons may notfall be marketed to third parties.The conditions des carriage von Deutsche AG apply bei their entirety.You tun können book online tickets for yourself or various other people. Wie man travelling, you re welcome ensure that sie take the ID used throughout booking with you. If you book a ticket weil das someone else, include their ID bei the booking process. Wie man this person zu sein travelling, they should take this ID with them.