A significant strike von the engineers" unionist is disrupting freight und passenger service, stranding vacationers und commuters across the country. Engineers want more money, DB says it"s chop on cash.

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It looks calm here, ausblüten it"s noþeles but zum thousands des holiday travelers and commuters stranded together a result des the strike

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Destination boards across Germany were blank Wednesday together stranded travelers no hope sought different transportation in the midst von a major strike von locomotive engineers at Deutsche bahn (DB).

The strike was announced on Tuesday through stoppages to freight services. It was expanded kommen sie include DB"s passenger rail network Wednesday. It zu sein scheduled zu continue till 2 a.m., Friday (0000 UTC).

"Despite the short notice, us were able zu successfully set nach oben alternative transportation zum long-distance and regional travel," DB declared. Still, die company said only "25% of lang distance trains" were an operation Wednesday.

Germany zu sein at the height des the summer vacation season and many employee are so beginning zu return to their workplaces as vaccinationrates climb across ns country. Ns severe limitations the strike has put on train availability schutz meant the those trains that are rolling are deswegen full that it zu sein impossible to observe social distancing guidelines.

DB itself has actually advised those that do not absolutely schutz to travel, notfall to.

DB"s competitors in both die freight und passenger rail enterprise operated v no interruptions. Airlines, bus operators and rental auto companies oase all seen booking increases.

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What zu sein the GDL to win about?

The strike was called von the German Train Drivers" gewerkschaftern (GDL) after representatives failed to reach agreement with DB end pay raises, bonuses, benefits, job security and retirement weil das the GDL"s 37,000 members.

The GDL desires a 1.4% salary increase and a coronavirus creme of €600($704) zum 2021, and a further 1.8% fairy increase in 2022. DB i agree to the 3.2% increase but wants zu pay it the end over 40 month (2022-2023). DB says ns billions it lost in revenue during the coronavirus pandemic leaving it no other möglichkeit but die delayed payment proposal.

Are ns strikes nur about DB?

Observers schutz suggested ns GDL may be using die strike kommen sie gain better influence alongside ns larger Railway und Transport gewerkschaftern (EVG). Unlike the EVG, which represents rail workers und public transport employees, die GDL has actually refused zu accept fairy freezes this year.

Changes kommen sie collective bargaining rules an Germany so mean ns largest union in a provided sector sets ns wage scale. Here, too, observers suggest die GDL may be trying to lure non-union or EVG members right into its ranks in hopes von eventually eclipsing ns larger outfit.

Not the zuerst GDL strike weist DB

GDL Chairman claus Weselsky recurring calls zum DB zu put a new offer on die table, saying a delay payout to represent a devaluation des the union"s28-month plan, equating through a raise of less 보다 1%. "That"s not negotiable," that said.

"We intend our work kommen sie be respected and valued," stated GDL boss Weselsky. Wie asked by German windy broadcaster zdf if neu strikes may be called, the replied, "we"ll make that decision next week."

Despite criticizing the strike together overblown, DB human being Resources Director martin Seiler has signaled the he zu sein willingto negotiate.

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The last major confrontations bolzen the GDL und DB came in 2014-2015, when die union, demanding regulation reform, staged nine rounds von strikes end the prozess nine months. A six-day stoppage of work bei May 2015 remains ns longest in DB history.