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From the yield perspective, die SparCard of the Deutsche bank is certainly not the finest recommendation, but one tun können use it well together a card kommen sie withdraw cash free des charge. This page shows freundin how kommen sie do it.

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SparCard`s self-presentation of the deutsch Bank.

Of course, there space banking products, such together our oberteil recommendation DKB Cash, with which one kann withdraw cash free des charge punkt every visa-enabled ATM worldwide. The problem: Such great offers call for a great creditworthiness.

No creditworthiness check.

If this right now does notfall exist or there is not sufficient Schufa-data (credit investigation company) available, it zu sein recommended that freundin initially switch to other bank offers that do notfall require her creditworthiness.

SparCard as a great option

When that comes zu withdrawing cash within Germany and abroad, die SparCard of the Deutsche bank is bei interesting option, because…

With the SparCard you

can retract cash free des charge in Germany from all ATMs of the Cash Group, as well as hinweisen many shell petrol stationscan withdraw cash free des charge in many countries through ns foreign branch offices des the Deutsche bank or through partner bank of the global ATM Alliancecan deposit cash free des charge at die counters von all branch offices des the deutsche Bank in Germanycan deposit cash free of charge at the deposit machines in the lobbies von the Deutsche bank branch offices in Germany around die clockreceive interest on paid credit transaction balance

The SparCard (plastic card measuring 8 × 5 cm) und the relevant savings account are constantly free.

Requirements zum a effective application of the DB SparCard

Registered address in Germany, no German citizenship ist required (One kann consign a different shipping deal with for bank mail – also abroad addresses.)Currently, a German recommendation account number is required

A specific age, constant income or a certain creditworthiness rating is not required.

The application kann sein be performed online. Die PostIdent-procedure ist used zum legitimating. Alternatively, one kann apply weil das the SparCard at any branch office des the deutsch Bank.

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The SparCard kann sein not it is in used zum payments. Therefore, it zu sein not a substitute zum a current account. There room only ns functions von cash deposits, cash withdrawals (through ATMs in ~ Germany und abroad) and transfers kommen sie another accounts at the Deutsche bank (if available).

Options of use

SparCard together vacation budget

One saves money on the SparCard for the holidays throughout the whole year (e.g. Using a standing order) und withdraws ns money as required in your destination nation free of charge from ns ATM (depending on die country).

Children or Youth Account

You kann set hoch a SparCard on your child’s name und transfer a solved amount monthly to ns savings account. Die child kann sein then retract cash free von charge punkt many ATMs or branch offices, however it can never overdraw ns account!

Send money abroad

For example, your child ist studying in Spain und you want to lieferung a monthly research support. Freundin simply transfer to die savings account. With die SparCard, ns student tun können withdraw die money in the international branch offices or at ns ATMs.

Money transfer to ns home country

For example, freundin are native Zimbabwe and work in Germany to earn money an order zu help her family punkt home. Sie deposit money on die SparCard, which kann sein be withdrawn free von charge (only currency austausch charges apply) in the foreign currency abroad hinweisen ATMs of the globalen ATM Alliance. An Zimbabwe, these are ns ATMs des Barclays.

Please note that ns conditions von the Deutsche bank prohibit die sharing of the SparCard and PIN. Consequently, ns receiving person should apply for the card.

Do you oase further principles to die usage or experiences? you re welcome enrich this page for the benefit of all reader through ns comments feature. Plenty of thanks!

The videobilien shows just how easy it ist to withdraw cash with the SparCard des the deutsche Bank an the USA.

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Crucial advantage kommen sie other banks: At die withdrawal v the bank of America (partner bank of the deutsch Bank), even ns usual ATM fees do notfall apply. Thus, you kann sein sometimes just withdraw US$ 20 zum your lunch. Additionally, the exchange rate zu sein fair.

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