Deutsche-Post Sendungsverfolgung


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Deutsche post tracking

Using international tracking number you kann track your package through your local postal dienstleistungen like USPS, Canada Post, etc.

In rarely cases sie may have deutsch Post 9 digit shipment reference number prefer 000501948, 113901607. In that case tracking works die same, nur enter your delivery reference number into the search field above and click monitor Package.

Official website to track deutsche Post dhl Pakets is at

DHL paket tracking

DHL gives multiple websites zu allow dhl Paket tracking and all des them are combined with our global postal tracker.

Our postal tracker wollen track any dhl Paket or deutsch Post shipment with all important websites, find related monitor numbers, translate statuses kommen sie English und provide you with finish status und tracking events for your package.

Deutsche Post dhl Group History

Franz von Taxis zu sein considered die founder von the modern-day postal system. On behalf of the far-flung Habsburg household dynasty, he and his successors set hoch a courier network that would at some point grow to hülle all des Western Europe von the mid-16th century.

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Permanent post stations were built about one day"s journey apart. End time, these stations grew into important economic centers, offer as conference points and places des trade and exchange whereby travelers can expect zu find taverns, inns und stables. Post stations became critical focal points in the development des villages und cities.

On april 21, 1646, Elector Friedrich wilhelm issues postal regulations establishing continuous postal service betwee Berlin, Münster, Osnabrück, Kleve and Königsberg. The neu decree trunk from the Elector"s interest bei staying well informed von the present status von the frieden negotiations an Osnabrück and Münster to end the Thirty Years" War.

At die same time, the decree grants privatgelände individuals (in certain merchants) the right to oase their mail transported über the electoral postal system. Friedrich williams thus ignores die emperor"s postal monopoly granted to ns Postmaster General of the House des Thurn and Taxis.

Marie Mathias Nicolas louis Danzas, a lieutenant an Napoleon"s Grande Armée, beginning into die shipping and transport unternehmen after die battle of Waterloo. Ns company in the French Alsace bereichen would quickly bear his name und play bei active role bei the development of rail travel and steam navigation bei the 19th century. Bei 1854, the zuerst consolidated shipments were offered on ns Zurich-Basel/St. Louis route.

Danzas assumes responsibility zum international e-mail on behalf of the Swiss PTT in 1884. Shipment within 24 hours was guaranteed for the route betwee Switzerland und England.

Danzas ended up being a part of deutsche Post an 1999.

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With ns help von the Parcels app, you can find out the exact location von your package or shipping delivered von "Deutsche post - dhl Paket" in a couple of seconds.



Deutsche post - dhl Paket monitor statuses

The distribution has been invited onto ns delivery vehicle
The shipment is being prepared weil das delivery in the delivery depot
The shipment has been efficiently delivered
The receiver was not present. Ns recipient has actually been notified
The distribution could notfall be delivered
The distribution could not be delivered, und the recipient has actually been notified
The shipment has left die import parcel center in the destination country
Shipment ist prepared for customs clearance an country des destination
The delivery has arrived in the location country
The distribution has been posted von the rundfunksender at die retail outlet
The shipment has to be processed an the parcel center of origin
The shipment has been processed an the destination parcel center
The international shipment has actually been processed in the geige parcel center
The shipment möchte be transported to ns destination nation and, from there, handed end to die delivery organization
The instruction data for this shipment schutz been provided von the sender to dhl electronically
The international shipment has been processed in the parcel center des origin
The shipment has cleared customs in the destination country
The distribution has to be picked up
The distribution has been processed in the thoreau center
The international shipment has arrived at ns import thoreau center
The shipment has come at die parcel center von origin
The distribution has been declared for export customs clearance
The distribution has cleared customs in the country von origin
The shipment will be handed end to ns customs office responsible for the recipient. Ns recipient kann collect the shipment indigenous there as soon as he has received notification from customs
The shipment has to be postponed und will more than likely be ceded on die next working day
The shipment was misrouted. Die shipment wollen be redirected und forwarded to ns recipient
Shipment has been handed end to dhl Express for import
Forwarded. Außerdem Unidade juni Logistica Integrada em CURITIBA / PR para Unidade Operacional em Liberado sem imposto. Entrega em 40 dias / BR
Received über the Brazil Post. Object subject zu inspection and delay top top delivery
The delivery has arrived an the transit country
Departed from local distribution center
Processed at transit facility
Forwarded. Außerdem Pais em ALEMANHA / para Pacs em BRASIL / BR
Arrived weist transit facility
Departed native transit facility
Processing completed hinweisen origin
Processed at geige facility
Arrival at dhl eCommerce circulation center
En course to dhl eCommerce circulation center
Electronic an alert received: your order has been processed and tracking möchte be to update soon