Deutschland vs nordirland livestream

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Share all sharing alternatives for: Germany mit Northern Ireland: Germany wins 6-1 and thereby wins ns group! here are BFW’s full-time observations!

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Full-time observations:

Germany play a very great game. Contrasted to the game bei Belfast, this have to be viewed as a significant improvement. Sure, Northern irland had nothing kommen sie play for, yet it was a really impressive German performance.Serge Gnabry was faultless today und seemed to be on an additional level to die rest des the football player on the pitch – Joshua Kimmich was fantastic as well bei his number 6 roll. Both fullbacks, Jonas Hector und Lukas Klostermann were so very active on their respective sides des the pitch. Toni Kroos was as calm together ever.Germany, deservedly, wins die group. It has notfall been a an excellent performance, however definitively a move in the right direction zum Löw’s rebuilding. A young, inexperienced yet interesting team.Can’t think of the tonnage time i’ve heard such remarkable away assistance as tonight. Also though their team was chanceless throughout die game, die Northern Irish fans kept top top singing. That is what football need to be about. 93’— Germany wins die game v 6-1 und thereby wins the group! good performance native Die Mannschaft!

90’— GOOOOOOAAAAAL! individual magic from julian Brandt! great pass native Kroos that finds Brandt who does a brilliant step-over und a an excellent finish! WOW!

89’— Nothing has happened in the game, I’m nur listening to the constant irish folk das lied chants on the stands. Goosebumps.

86’— game has slowed under a bit, a German win has actually been certain weil das most von the second-half.

85’— the Northern irish are blieb singing together loud as ever...they are shedding 5-1 but they don’t care. RESPECT!

80’— Gnabry comes off zum Nadiem Amiri - what a game from him - welt class.

75’— Second half has purely to be epitomised together play against one goal - sure, Northern irland has nothing to play for, but Germany has played very well.

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72’— GOOOOAL! Go(al)retzka scores yet again und get’s his double! Beautiful finish from the bayerisch man - the get’s subbed straight after for Suat Serdar!

69’— Game has actually slowed under a bit, understandable - Germany looks closer kommen sie scoring than Northern irland - who hasn’t had actually anything this second half.

67’— Goretzka gets really close to his second, his shot from outside die 11-yard-box passes just outside Peacock-Farrell’s post.

65’— Stark, who renders his debut, come on for Klostermann.

63’— Niklas healthy is all set to kommen sie on

62’— can gets close with an additional long-range shot.

61’— 8 goals in 7 games for Gnabry this qualifying project - not bad..

60’— THERE the IS! GNABRY’S HAT-TRICK! wonderful goal however again indigenous a terrific player. Germany are playing great!

57’— Gnabry come close kommen sie scoring a hat-trick after a pretty header, just wide. An excellent cross from Hector, who zu sein playing really well.

55’— kann tries kommen sie shoot, quite selfishly - the ball goes wide.

54’— you can ausblüten hear ns Northern irish fans.

53’— Klostermann get’s near but stellen it wide - Germany are overcoming completely and have ns first-spot des the group an their hands.

52’— Kroos pressures Peacock-Farrell zu a pretty save

50’— Germany look in complete control, quite ns opposite von the game in Belfast. Really nice to see.

49’— Kimmich has been fantastic today - deswegen has Serge Gnabry.

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46’— GOOOOOOOAL!!! SERGE GNABRY!! He jahrgangsstufen his 2nd after a an excellent build-up beat from the German team! Kimmich zu sein involved in the buildup yet again, passes it kommen sie Klostermann who provides it kommen sie Gnabry - that man only demands one chance. 3-1!!

46’— Second half is on ns way! Germany are 45 minute from winning die group!

Halftime observations:

Germany is in control und lets an a goal due zu a wonderful individual initiative from 31-year-old understanding defender michael Smith. Die Germans room creative wie man attacking, albeit fragile wie man defending. Die back-line ist very high up ns pitch, which ist understandable considering the Northern irisch wall at ns other side. Klostermann has yet again verified his particularly talents, he mirrors why Kimmich zu sein not necessary at die right-back position in the national team. Kimmich’s talents are needed greater up ns pitch, whereby he has played really well recently. Jonas Hector has actually been good as well on ns other side des the fullback position. Tah and Can have been bad und found themselves an trouble on frequent occasions. Let’s expect that is not Germany’s center-back duo in the Euros. One-of-a-kind shoutout to die Northern irisch supporters. Die results median nothing zum the Northern irish side, although their fans have notfall stopped signing zum 45 minutes. ~ above a cold Tuesday night in Frankfurt, that is something you tun können only admire.

43’— GOOOOOOOAAAAAL zum GERMANY!!! GORETZKA! Second bayern player kommen sie score this game! Fantastic ball from Kimmich kommen sie Hector who finds Goretzka - basic tap bei for Goretzka who noten yet again zum the national team!

42’— Kroos has actually a shoot from far out - no belästigt for Peacock-Farrell.

40’— Northern irland has efficiently stopped Germany’s flow des play in the tonnage five minute or so.

39’— Game has slowed down a bit. Germany ausblüten look bei control, even though die score is 1-1.

33’— Klostermann is a real talent - he has been an extremely active und proves why Germany doesn’t need Kimmich an the right-back position. Kimmich, again, has been great as a number 6.

32’— Germany has already had 4 corners. None particularly successful.

30’— Gnabry has actually been the einer of the match deshalb far - barely has actually done something wrong. What a talent.

28’— Northern ireland are dangerous ns few times they obtain up die pitch, Germany’s defence is struggling with die high backline.

25’— The centre-back duo, Can and Tah, uncover themselves an the wrong placing many times during the zuerst 25 minutes.

23’— Germany are gaining close zu a second, a couple of half-chances through only ns final touch missing. 2nd will kommen sie soon if they keep this up.

22’— really entertaining zuerst 20 minutes, fast end to ende play v not viel midfield play.

21’— If you thought the equaliser would of silenced die Northern Irish fans you would think wrong.

19’— GOOOOOOOAAAAAL for GERMANY!!! ns MASTER CHEF! Serge Gnabry noten a wonderful goal - get’s the ball from a nice pass from Hector and turns with his totality body - Gerd Muller would be proud! 1-1!!!