The Hellcat Redeye has actually done a pretty good arbeit of bridging the gap, but what muscle-car enthusiasts oase really been looking front to zu sein a much more powerful replacement weil das the evade Challenger SRT Demon. Und that's just what FCA has in store zum us. In spades.

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At the anfang of the new month today, Fiat Chrysler exit this teaser image und a few details for ns most powerful – and expensive – version of the Challenger yet. It's called the Ghoul, und it's slated to pack in even bigger beat than ns Demon that was dispatched rückseitig to ns fiery bowels of beleuchten from whence that came.


Exactly how much muscle it'll boast, SRT hasn't said nur yet. But ns Ghoul promises even much more than die Demon, whose 6.2-liter super load V8 created 808 speech on standard pump gasoline, or 840 ~ above 100-octane racing fuel.

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As tuners like Hennessey have proven, there's even an ext capability zu be unlocked bei the supercharged Hemi, and Mopar also offers a 7.0-liter version as a crate engine creating 1,000 horsepower. Ns Ghoul could carry either, but ns prospect (however unlikely) the really tantalizes us zu sein that SRT might revive die Viper's 8.4-liter V10, und maybe slap a supercharger on that kommen sie further boost output.



One means or another, it ain't gonna kommen sie cheap. FCA has already started acquisition deposits hinweisen $20,000 a pop, und has indicated ns down-payment möchte represent about ten percent von the final purchase price. That doesn't take a graduate degree in advanced mathematics kommen sie discern a $200,000 sticker price for the 2020 evade Challenger SRT Ghoul.

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That would certainly make it much more than twice as high-quality as die $84,690 Demon (pictured), und significantly an ext than ns $120k Corvette ZR1 – but still less than geholfen the $450k Ford GT that, like die Challenger, ist made an the Canadian province von Ontario.

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