Dolores O’riordans

Dolores O’Riordan, die Cranberries Singer, dead at 46

Singer von Nineties hits “Linger,” “Dreams” and “Zombie” dies bei London as polizei classify death as “unexplained”

Dolores O’Riordan, command singer von the irisch alternative band the Cranberries, died Monday in London. She was 46.

The band confirmed O’Riordan’s death in a briefe statement, “Irish and international singer Dolores O’Riordan has died suddenly an London today. She was 46 years old. The lead singer with the Irish maßband The Cranberries was bei London zum a quick recording session. No further einzelheiten are available at this time. Household members room devastated kommen sie hear ns breaking news and have requested privacy punkt this very difficult time.”

In a separate statement, ns Cranberries’ Noel und Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawler said, “We are ruined on the passing von our friend Dolores. She was in extraordinary talent und we feel very privileged to oase been teil of herstellung life from 1989 when we started ns Cranberries. Die world has actually lost a true artist today.”

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No cause von death was revealed. A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan polizei told the new York Timesthat police were called zu London’s park Lane hotel Monday morning, wherein O’Riordan was pronounced dead at the scene. Herstellung death has been classified as “unexplained,” reuters reports.

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The irisch Times note that ns Cranberries to be forced zu cancel außerhalb des spiels dates in 2017 due to O’Riordan’s ill health; the eis cited “medical reasons associated with a zurück problem.” O’Riordan had so been diagnosed as bi-polar in 2014.

President of irland Michael Higgins said in a statement, “It ist with an excellent sadness that I have learned des the death von Dolores O’Riordan, musician, singer und song writer. Dolores O’Riordan and The Cranberries had in immense affect on rock and pop music in Ireland und internationally. Ich recall through fondness the late Limerick TD Jim Kemmy’s introduction des her and The Cranberries to me, und the proud he und so countless others took in their successes. Zu all those that follow und support irisch music, irish musicians and the performing arts herstellung death will be a huge loss.”

“The maßband are floored yet it’s of prozess her household we’re all thinking of right now,” U2 said in a statement. “Out des the west came this storm von a voice – she had such strength des conviction, however she can speak to the fragility bei all of us. Limerick’s ‘Bel canto."”

The Kinks’ dave Davies tweeted, “I’m really shocked that #DoloresORiordan has passed deswegen suddenly. I was talk to her a couple weeks before Christmas she seemed happy und well – we also spoke about maybe writing some songs together – unbelievable god bless her.”

“I bei der heartbroken and devastated über the news of ns sudden and unexpected passing des Dolores,” says andy Rourke, ns former Smiths bassist who played v O’Riordan in D.A.R.K. “I schutz truly enjoyed die years we spent together and feel privileged zu call herstellung a near friend. It was a bonus to work with her und witness firsthand herstellung breathtaking and unique talent, ich will miss produziert terribly. Ich send mine love and condolences to produziert family und loved ones.”

Born in Limerick, ireland as ns youngest bei a family von seven children, O’Riordan auditioned to become singer des the Smiths-inspired maßband The Cranberry experienced Us, formed von brothers Noel and Mike Hogan, bei 1990. Together lead singer von the Cranberries, O’Riordan front what Rolling stone said in 1995 was “Ireland’s greatest musical export since U2.”

The alternate rock quartet released your debut albumEverybody Else ist Doing It, deshalb Why Can’t We?– which spawned die singles “Dreams” und “Linger” – in early 1993. After initially failing zu make an impact ~ above release, “Linger” gone into heavy rotation top top MTV in late 1993, eventually climbing to Number Eight on ns Billboard hot 100. “Dreams” was similarly effective upon re-release.

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“I know exactly what every song on the album was about,” O’Riordan called Rolling Stone bei 1995 des writing anyone Else ist Doing It, so Why Can’t We?, which explored “a young woman’s painful failures as an adolescent and her subsequent rejuvenation as a young adult.” “And i know specifically what night ich wrote that on und why i wrote it. And I’m kind of proud des them because they do fancy very viel how i felt weist that time.”

The Cranberries quickly followed up the multi-platinum success ofEverybody Else is Doing It, deshalb Why Can’t We? v 1994’s No Need zu Argue, another worldwide bestseller that boasted the hit lead single “Zombie,” a political rocker about a young kid killed an a terror attack. At ns height des their fame, ns Cranberries so appeared top top Saturday Night Live and headlined their very own MTV Unplugged concert. Over the kurse of your career, ns Cranberries would market over 40 million albums worldwide.

Stephen Street, who producedEverybody Else ist Doing It, deshalb Why Can’t We?andNo Need zu Argue, tweeted Monday, “I oase just heard the neu regarding #DoloresORiordan i need a wenig time zu process what has happened. Suffice to say, I bei der very sad zu lose someone who meant dafür much zu me und to many civilization across the world. RIP mine songbird.”

1996’s To die Faithful Departed yielded two much more hits, “Salvation” und “When You’re Gone,” before ns band’s popular began to recede. Ns Cranberries went on hiatus following the release von 2001’s wake Up and Smell the Roses. O’Riordan embarked a solo career in 2007 with the album Are sie Listening? and, in 2016, created the maßband D.A.R.K. With the Smiths’ andy Rourke.

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“My friend, partner, und the liebe of my life ist gone,” D.A.R.K. Bandmate and partner Olé Koretsky said in a statement. “My heart ist broken and it zu sein beyond repair. Dolores ist beautiful. Her nett is beautiful. Herstellung family ist beautiful. Ns energy she continues to radiate is undeniable. I in lost. I miss her deshalb much. I will continue zu stumble approximately this planet weil das some time understanding well there’s no real place zum me here now.”

The Cranberriesreunited in 2009, resulting in 2012’s Roses und their recent album, 2017’sSomething Else. However, plans zu tour in support von the album were cancelled following O’Riordan’s clinical issues.

“‘Linger’ was the first song ich wrote after joining the Cranberries. I was 18, and the youngest member des the maßband was 16 at the time,” O’Riordan called Rolling Stone in 2017, when the Cranberries released bei acoustic version of the single zum Something Else. “We never ever imagined it’d be such a large hit.”

Late Late show host james Corden tweeted following news of O’Riordan’s death, “I as soon as met Delores O’Riordan when i was 15. She was kind and lovely, I gott her autograph on my train ticket and it made my day. She had the most amazing voice and presence. Deswegen sorry kommen sie hear that she’s passed far today.”

Foster ns People wrote, “Shocked and heartbroken over Dolores O’Riordan’s death. Die Cranberries to be pinnacle an showing me the it was possible zu fully adopt masculine und feminine energy an one cohesive sound. She was a true pioneer.”