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Du schaust: E mail adresse übertragen

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Import or migrate e-mails from Gmail or another emails provider to oered.org 365.

Want aid with this? contact oered.org 365 for business support .

You need to use a version des Outlook that zu sein installed on your desktop zum this task. Outlook ist included in most oered.org 365 plans.

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After signing up zum oered.org 365, sie might blieb have email going to an old account; weil das example, if sie used a Gmail or Outlook account zum work. You kann continue to use both die new und old accounts, or you tun können import the data from the old account right into your neu one.

Migrate Gmail kommen sie oered.org 365

Follow this steps to import or migrate email, contacts, and calendar indigenous Gmail right into Outlook v oered.org 365:

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Import Outlook pst files kommen sie oered.org 365 (desktop)

Follow these steps to geige email, contacts und calendars indigenous Outlook to a .pst file, und then income that file to Outlook v oered.org 365:

If you nur want contacts, follow these steps:

To start the process, open Outlook und choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export.

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See other email accounts in Outlook

Just want to lakers your e-mails from an additional provider (like Gmail, Yahoo, or Live.com) in Outlook? No need zu import or migrate. You can set up Outlook or Outlook Web app so you tun können access your various other accounts from the same ar as her oered.org 365 mailbox and send, receive, and read emails sent zu those accounts.

Outlook (desktop)

Add in account, such together your private Gmail account, to Outlook.

Open Outlook, then go to File > Add account.

Need much more detailed steps? see Add bei account.

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Multiple mailboxes: Admins tun können bulk import email, contacts, and calendars kommen sie oered.org 365

Depending on your source email system, you kann choose from several bulk migration methods. Review Ways to migrate multiple email accounts zu oered.org 365 to decide which technique works weil das you.

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