E Roller Tante Paula

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Du schaust: E roller tante paula

Electric ScooterMade bei Germany1000 Watt hi-tech electric Motor, 36 VoltDual decaying brake front/rearPolymer suspension fork front, adjustable swing arm spring back

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Maximilian II säule SheetMotor 1000 Watt electric Motor, 36 Volt Maximum speed 32 km/h selection up zu 25 km charging time 3-5 hours with original silicon Charger (1.5 A) battery 36 V 12Ah Silicon (no memory effect) in a carry bag with strap and practical charger to charge her phone without roller translation patented straight drive mechanism, short maintenance, wear-free und Verschmutzungssicher Colour black (Matt) brake doppel disk brake front/rear suspension Polymer suspension fork Front, swing arm suspension rückseitig speed regulate Twist accelerator Grip Gravity regulate Turbo taste Speed display Digital Tachometer through 7 functions (including street indicator und time) battery zustand display angeführt battery status display an throttle grip: Full/Medium/rest/Reserve saddle comfortable saddle, top top tapered extra solid seatpost through base Ballbat and appearance (Long/Short) Starter vital operated switch zum ignition switch und battery compartment safety Rear view Mirror, horn, bell, reflectors, elipsoid former headlight und LED behind light with incorporated brake light frame dual hardened steel Flachrohr foto frame with extra vast handlebar "12 1/2 wheels v motorcycle racing profile on aluminium rims and reinforced rubber water tap (self-sealing) travelling warehouse hooks front battery replacement quick adjust battery (approximately 10 seconds.)Folds under with security flap hinge size Length: 139 cm, width: 64 cm; H: 107 cm (62 cm folded) roller weight (without battery) approx. 30 kg Battery Weight roughly 13 kg preferably load: 140kg driving license from 16 years old, moped or car driving licence approval TÜV tested with eu Street Legal. Only require traditional liability insurance money (moped).

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BrandManufacturerItem modell numberItem WeightASIN
‎Tante Paula
‎Tante Paula Konsumartikel GmbH
‎Maximilian II
‎41 Kilograms

Date erste AvailableBest Sellers Rank
11 July 2011
2,221,059 an Sports & out (See oberteil 100 in Sports & Outdoors)5,318 bei Electric Scooters

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