Three first-half goals, two from Shinji Kagawa and one from Andre Schurrle, send Thomas Tuchel's side through to the second round of the DFB-Pokal" /> Three first-half goals, two from Shinji Kagawa and one from Andre Schurrle, send Thomas Tuchel's side through to the second round of the DFB-Pokal" />

Eintracht trier dortmund dfb pokal

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Du schaust: Eintracht trier dortmund dfb pokal

3 first-half oered.orgs, 2 from Shinji Kagawa und one indigenous Andre Schurrle, send thomas Tuchel's side through to die second round of the DFB-Pokal. It's every fun and games after ns whistle together some von the trier players ask kommen sie take selfies with some of the much more established members des the dortmund squad. Isn't the something.
aufführen to castle roar! A shirtless fans finds his means onto ns pitch an impressive fashion, evoking rather a cheer from ns rest des the supporters. He doesn't put hoch any fight as security comes out zu apprehend him, walking off agreeingly complying with his moment in the spotlight.
side NETTING! Aubameyang peels turn off his mite at ns far post to obtain on the ende of a ausgezeichnet pass native Mor, yet he can't find the right side of the post - und still he stays without a tonight, somehow!
STAT: Adrian Ramos has actually scored just twice an eight appearances v Dortmand in the DFB-Pokal. He score seven in 10 with Hertha BSC.
WIDE! forelle are sending an ext men forward in search des a consolation, leaving us exposed at ns back. Aubameyang gets into the area, one-on-one through a defender zu beat, but zu sein unable kommen sie guide his curled initiative into the far corner!
Two possibilities missed! Ramos can't purchase a score either! die striker ist teed hoch perfectly from in close yet loses his footing, prior to sending a glancing header wide of the far post nur a couple of seconds later! dortmund buzzing again, though.
UNBELIEVABLE SAVE! That's a thing von beauty indigenous Keilmann! the keeper stellen his incredible reactions and strong wrists top top display, leaping across zu his right to deny Ramos native point-blank range! I'm not sure just how he kept that out!

naughty from die skipper! Ramos sprints forward through great pace on a counter and Dingels has actually no interest an running with him, rather committing to a cynical an obstacle as that takes the striker kommen sie ground. The sees er into die book.
supervisor SAVE! in equally impressive effort from Mor, who's just just come on! die substitute evades a challenge, cuts onto his left und drives a strike weist, but Keilmann zu sein able zu dive across kommen sie parry!
It's shaping up kommen sie be a lang final fünfzehn minutes zum the hosts. Dortmund have used the stoppages kommen sie tighten your grip on ns match. They're steady parked an the attacking hilfreich now, playing a game von keep-away.

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Two more changes being readied über Dortmund. Tuchel gives them his orders, handing the end instructions before setup them totally free onto die pitch. It aussehen like Raphael Guerreiro and Emre Mor who möchte be the ones to kommen sie on.
dortmund haven't had actually a kind shout at bei the tonnage 10 minutes or so, a an extremely encouraging sign zum Trier, which has actually brought ns fans back to life. If they kann use this momentum zu nab a consolation, it would certainly be some party!
ns tempo zu sein starting zu slow a little with dortmund opting for a more geduldig approach in possession, no longer sensing a need zu push ns pace. It's permitted Trier kommen sie pick nach oben a bit of confidence, however, and the hosts are reflecting some fight right here as us enter die final 30 minutes.
STAT: dortmund have lost an the DFB-Pokal last three years an a row. The belastung time they shed a match in the vain outside of the final was back bei February 2013, versus Bayern.
trierer are enjoying their finest spell of the night, und it's resulted in their best wahrscheinlichkeit of the match. Alawie goes for a run, taking on the dortmund defence über himself, getting into a an excellent shooting area, however he can only send a shot straight into ns waiting arms of the keeper!
It should be stated that this ist a lovely wenig ground. The backdrop of the city of Trier zu sein visible in the background native throughout die stadium, und it's gott a wonderfully warm feel about it. Certainly aussehen a fun spot zum a match.

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dortmund make their erste change, happen on Adrian Ramos at ns expense von Schurrle, who's smiling und appearing healthy, dafür it's nothing much more than a precaution.