Err_connection_closed: how to fix the connection error

Did you just try to xuất hiện a website in Chrome, only lớn be met by an error telling you “This site can’t be reached” & showing an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message?

Unlike some other error messages that you might see, the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error indicates that something is going wrong with the connection from your computer lớn the website, rather than with the trang web itself.

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In some cases, the error is just a temporary glitch, and it will go away if you reload the page. But in other situations, you’ll need to lớn perform some troubleshooting on your computer to lớn fix the problem.

In this post, we’ll explain what the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error means in more detail. Then we’ll take you through 13 troubleshooting steps that you can implement to fix the issue.

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In order to explain what the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message means, we first need to lớn quickly explain what’s going on underneath the hood in Chrome when you try khổng lồ visit a site.

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An example of the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message.

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When you click on a link or enter a website’s tên miền name in your address bar, Chrome needs lớn make a connection lớn that server. Once Chrome establishes that connection, it will request the specific files that it needs lớn render the page, such as all of the code, images, và so on.

The ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message is essentially telling you that Chrome tried to make this connection, but something went wrong with your computer or internet connection that made Chrome unable khổng lồ establish or maintain the connection.

Because Chrome can’t connect to lớn the website’s server, Chrome is unable lớn render the website, which is why your browser shows this error message instead.

In order khổng lồ fix the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED issue, you essentially need khổng lồ figure out what’s going wrong with Chrome that’s preventing it from being able lớn connect to the website’s server.

Note that the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message is different from the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message, another error that can be caused by server-side issues (such as a trang web being down).

Did you just try to open a trang web in Chrome, only khổng lồ be met by this frustrating error message?